Give me 30 Days and I’ll Make You a Better Formulator

Hi there – it’s Perry Romanowski from Chemists Corner.
I’ve been doing the Chemists Corner podcast for a number of years, but recently got this idea to revamp it a bit.  Therefore, I’m starting a new series called 30 Perry_profiledays to become a better formulator. In this series we’ll cover six main areas of interest including

  • Cosmetic industry
  • Raw materials
  • Cosmetic science
  • Formulating
  • Product testing
  • Cosmetic chemist career.

The Podcast

For this series on the Chemists Corner podcast, I’ll start cover 30 different topics under those areas of interest and do one every day over the course of a month. Each show will feature one lesson and a challenge at the end to help you put the lesson to use.  You will learn new aspects of cosmetic formulating and…
all 30 days of the podcast are free!

You can subscribe to the series on iTunes – Listening on iTunes is great if you like to listen to podcasts while exercising, commuting or even doing work around the house.
The shows are also hosted here on our site. I’ve listed them out below for your convenience.
Keep in mind – these podcasts are mainly between 10-20 minutes long and each contain an activity to DO to become a better cosmetic formulator.
While they’re all about teaching you something related to formulating & your career as a cosmetic chemist, the people who will get most out of this process spend as much or more time taking action than just listening.
Day 01 – Cosmetic Industry – Types of products in the cosmetic industry
Day 02 – Raw Materials – Functional raw materials
Day 03 – Cosmetic Formulating – Best formulating books & resources
Day 04 – Cosmetic Science – The Biology of the Skin
Day 05 – Product testing – Stability testing
Day 06 – Career – The power of networking on your career
Day 07 – Cosmetic Science – The Biology of the Hair
Day 08 – Raw Materials – Aesthetic raw materials
Day 09 – Cosmetic Formulating – Equipment needed for formulating
Day 10 – Product Testing – Claims testing
Day 11 – Cosmetic Industry – Companies in the cosmetic industry
Day 12 – Career – Types of jobs in the cosmetic industry
Day 13 – Cosmetic Science – Basic chemistry for formulators
Day 14 – Raw Materials – Claims raw materials
Day 15 – Cosmetic Formulating – Types of cosmetic formulas
Day 16 – Product Testing – Product testing required before launching
Day 17 – Cosmetic Industry – The FDA regulation of the cosmetic industry
Day 18 – Career – How to further your education in cosmetic science
Day 19 – Cosmetic Science – How do surfactants work?
Day 20 – Raw Materials – Dissecting an ingredient list
Day 21 – Cosmetic Formulating – Calculating formulation costs
Day 22 – Product Testing – Using patents to find test methods
Day 23 – Cosmetic Industry – NGOs and the cosmetic industry
Day 24 – Career – Creating your profile – online and offline
Day 25 – Cosmetic Science – How do moisturizers work?
Day 26 – Raw Materials – What to do with samples
Day 27 – Cosmetic Formulating – Reducing formulation cost
Day 28 – Product Testing – Personal evaluations of products
Day 29 – Cosmetic Industry – Natural cosmetic trend
Day 30 – Career – Becoming an expert

Further Learning

21 thoughts on “30 Days to Become a Better Cosmetic Chemist

  1. Avatar
    Ahmad Bashir AL Shams says:

    I am a pharmacist to B.P.I ( Bakhtar pharmaceuticals Industrial Company) to Kabul Afghanistan.
    Any time we need some information or sport to the formul practical state you can help us if we share it With you.
    Also to pharmaceuticals too can give us fomulation practical state sport like to cream ,GeL Etc and currently we need sport practically to silver sulfadiazine cream can help with us for it Manufacturing.

  2. Avatar
    Victor Kizito says:

    Thanks very much for every effort to make us better cosmetic competitors in the market.Is it possible for me to pay for the practical cosmetic course in instalments ? i cannot afford 500 dollars plus for, i am jobless now,from Kampala, Uganda, East Africa.

  3. Avatar
    Bilson Shukla says:

    Thank you,
    Could anybody please share some ppt presentation files for silicones in cosmetic industries/personal care industries. Please share at my mail address.
    Thank you in advance
    Bilson Shukla, India

  4. Avatar
    Banele says:

    Wow this was so informative and eye opener especially on the cost.
    I would like to know more on how to formulate. Thank you so much.

  5. Avatar
    Valentina Butakova says:

    Subject: Manufacturing costs inquiry
    Dear Sir or Madam,
    My name is Valentina Butakova. I am a student attending the Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Luxembourg.
    Mine 2 schoolmates and me, we are 3 students at the University of Luxembourg studying “Entrepreneurship & Innovation” and we are currently involved in a project involving the manufacturing of organic shampoo products. Seeing your web site has raised our interests and we would very much like to inquire about the manufacturing costs involved in making a natural, organic shampoo from its constituent raw products?
    We would very much appreciate it if you would provide this information for us. Or point us in the direction of any manufacturer that we could inquire upon.
    Kind regards, and thanking you in advance
    Yours faithfully,
    4, Rue de Marville – L-2119 Luxembourg
    Tel : +352 621 376609 Luxembourg

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    mohana says:

    Good Morning Perry,
    My sister is very interested in taking your course, I have some questions about the payment and how the course will be delivered, will the payment be attached to an email?
    Please let me know if you have some time to talk over the phone for a couple of minutes.
    My number is 618-303-6523.

  7. Avatar
    Gao says:

    Dear Perry,
    thank you for writing this great book.
    I am looking for your show notes pages.
    would you please tell me where i can find them? in forum?
    best regards

  8. Avatar
    Abid says:

    Thanks o much
    Your lectures and podcast as well as your courses are very interestin, help full and informativ.
    Thanks again keep it on and hope you more success

  9. Avatar
    Daniel says:

    I am curious what the difference is between the podcast and the pdf file that you sell for $29.99?? Is it the same content or more information to it? Thank you so much!

    • Avatar
      Perry Romanowski says:

      The pdf has a little more information but pretty much they are the same. Mostly, I sell the pdf version for people who want a workbook (it’s easier to reference later) and who appreciate the series & want to show that they do.

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