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19 thoughts on “Contact Us

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    Kei says:

    I am looking for a cosmetic scientist, not sure if you’d be the one to help me with this. Please point me in the right direction.

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    Johnny Opara says:

    I’m looking for to make a Mens & Womens Fragrance line, and I need to speak with a chemist about the first steps. Could you give me some contacts numbers and name on who I should talk to?

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    Julie Carter says:

    Thank you so much for this site! I wish I had found something like this when I first got into cosmetic science. I’ve had to spend the last several years figuring things out for myself, and I’m thrilled that others new to the field will have this resource to use (and I am still learning from it as well!). Great job!

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    Jackie Hynes says:

    I am interested in hiring a company or a chemist to help me formulate dog care products. Please forward any companies or individual chemist interested in such a project. Thank you, Jackie Hynes

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    Felicia says:

    I took a cosmetic chemisty class online with you some years ago. I’m so happy to that you developed this site. I’m looking for classes in cosmetic chemistry. Are there still online classes for cosmetic chemistry?

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    kawther alameen says:

    thank you for your prompt responses to my emails.
    In spite of your thorough knowledge you are very modest and you have a great simple way of explaning things.
    Thank You So Much

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    Trinh says:

    Can you write an article about common tests that are performed on cosmetic (non-OTC) products before they are allowed to go to market? I wanted to know when the challenge test is required. Thanks!

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    Nancy Piscatello says:

    Tried to click the link included in the email, but it’s not working. Is this site still up and running? I’m looking for some advice on creating a lip gloss and thought this site might offer some help.

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    Myriam Vazquez says:

    I try to get and copy the link for the ebook on natural products And I could not enter. Please let me know who to get into it.

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      Perry says:

      Try to ‘right click’ on the link and then ‘save as’. It will save the file to your computer and you can read it from there.

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    Dear Perry,
    I wish to own a skin care line, how do I start? I have a masters degree in Industrial Microbiology and currently on a Ph.D in natural product extraction

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    ruksana says:

    I wish to receive a email link to a person who uses animals within their line of for e.g for cosmetic purposes this is to get their views on animal rights iwish you could snd me by the end of the week thank you

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    Angela says:

    I am interested in cosmetic chemistry course and I would like my job to be cosmetic chemist. I am a graduated student from high school and I will like to have advice on what I should do to get in university that are famous for cosmetic chemistry course.

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