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Article by: Perry Romanowski

Welcome to Day 18 of the 30 Days to Become a Better Cosmetic Chemist series

This 30 day challenge is all about giving you lessons and basic exercises that will improve your abilities as a cosmetic chemist.  cosmetic science education

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In this episode

In today’s program we’ll be talking about how you can further your education in cosmetic science. After listening you should have a good idea about some of the things you can do to improve your educational background to make yourself a more valuable cosmetic chemist.

In this episode you’ll find:

  • The level of education you need to be a cosmetic chemist
  • Universities that offer advanced cosmetic science degrees
  • Undergraduate cosmetic science programs
  • Cosmetic programs outside the US
  • Continuing education options – live classes
  • Online cosmetic science education options

 Today’s Challenge

For today’s challenge, I challenge you to find a program or course that you can take to improve your knowledge of cosmetic formulating or the cosmetic industry. This could be our Practical Cosmetic Formulating course or any of the other things we talked about in this program. Take the time and research the program from which you want to learn. Then go do it.

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    Hey Perry! I have a BS in biochemistry, an MS in Chemistry with concentration in biophysical chemistry focusing on metabolic response to physical exposure to chemicals. I’m currently geographically confined due to an upside down mortgage and work as Analytical Chemist in the pharmaceutical industry. I’ve worked at my current position for two years now and it’s looking like by the time I’ll have equity in my home, I’ll be in my industry for about 7 years at which time I will be looking for another job that will allow me to move.

    My worry is I will be overspecialized in pharmaceuticals and will no longer be considered for cosmetics at that point. Have you found that people can leave pharma to come to cosmetics after that many years in analytical testing? Do you have any advice on how to prevent me from overspecializing in straight up analytical testing and remain competitive for cosmetics?

    I assume if nothing else, I would be able to do analytical testing for a cosmetics company, but that’s not where I ultimately want to go. Thoughts?

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      Perry Romanowski

      Yes, people can make that move. The thing you’ll probably have to do is to jump into the cosmetic industry as an analytical chemist working in the quality control department. From there you can work your way into the formulation side of the industry.

      One of the things you can do to be competitive as a cosmetic chemist is to learn how to formulate (our course is useful for the You can also take continuing education courses through the SCC (

      I would also suggest even now you get involved with your local chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. You can meet people, make friends in the industry, demonstrate how great you are to work with and when there are jobs that become available, you’ll have a cheerleader at companies who can help you get interviews and get hired.

      Getting jobs is mostly about who you know and not so much what your background is. Yes, you need to have a degree in chemistry or science, but if you have that working on building relationships in the industry will be much more likely to lead to a job.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Thanks so much for the information!

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    Sumit Charaya

    Great work Perry. I listen to your podcast daily, very informative. I have a question regarding this podcast, I want to further educate myself however I am interested in earning certification. Could you recommend any certification programs in terms of formulations or management in personal care industry? Do they help in advancing knowledge and career? Do personal care industry care about certifications?


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      Perry Romanowski

      Hello Sumit – As far as certification programs go there really aren’t any “official” certification programs in cosmetic formulating. The university programs I talked about in the show are accredited but it’s not a certification. The course we teach provides you with a certificate of completion but that only holds weight with people who are familiar with the course or me (which is a large segment of the cosmetic industry). Other programs have “certificates” or “diplomas” but they don’t really mean much beyond being proof that you took a course. Certification is just not an important thing for cosmetic formulators.

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