Day 10 - Claims Testing For Cosmetic Chemists

Welcome to Day 10 of the 30 Days to Become a Better Cosmetic Chemist series

This 30 day challenge is all about giving you lessons and basic exercises that will improve your abilities as a cosmetic chemist.

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In this episode

In today’s episode I’ll share:

  • What are cosmetic claims
  • Why cosmetic formulators need to care about claims
  • The 7 different types of claims
  • How to support cosmetic claims
  • What is meant by the word “puffery”

Relevant to Exercise

Analyze the claims of a product in the marketplace.

Step 1 – Get the label copy and ingredient list
Step 2 – Figure out what claims need to be supported
Step 3 – Figure out how they might be supported

Post your analysis in the comments below

August 8, 2020
Chemists Corner

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