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Welcome to Day 3 of the 30 Days to Become a Better Cosmetic Chemist series

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This 30 day challenge is all about giving you basic exercises that will improve your abilities as a cosmetic chemist.begcoscm

In this episode

In today’s episode I’ll share:

  • Standard references for learning cosmetic science
  • The books that people who make cosmetics in the industry use
  • Industry magazines you should be reading
  • The best books to have in your lab
  • How to find free cosmetic science information on the Internet

Relevant to Exercise

Find your cosmetic science books on Amazon.

Best formulating books

Best formulating magazines

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  1. Avatar
    Galsi Toma

    Solid information love it!! Keep it coming and i will keep listening and reading!

  2. Avatar

    I am running behind because I listen over and ove again day 1 and 2 just to fully grasp and each time I do so I hear something new I love this really love this.

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      Great to hear! Take as long as you like to go through the series.

  3. Avatar
    Jide Alo

    Great write up as usual. I am falling in love with cosmetic formulations already.

  4. Avatar

    i am so glad i have you. i feel like my dreams of becoming an organic skin care formulator would soon be realised

  5. Avatar

    Nice information. Thank You Perry
    I’ve purchased Beginning Cosmetics Chemistry 3rd edition and I do agree with you, it needs more detailed formulation information in practical work.
    One thing I struggle with at work is to distinguish the amounts to use of certain ingredients, and wether they would have a functional effect or become claims/aesthetic modifiers only. It doesn’t seem there are books on practical formulation and common formulation problems.

    Have a good day!

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      Hello Ali – later in this series I cover how to evaluate raw materials & get that answer for you.

  6. Avatar

    Good morning all 🙂

    What I think is also a helpful book is “International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook”.
    It doesnt contain any formulating guides but if you want to recreate a formula from the market, you can look up the INCIs to find the following Information about the ingredients:
    CAS-No., Empirical Formula, Definition, Information Sources, Chemical Class, Functions and Technical-/Tradenames.
    This source sometimes helps me a lot when I cant find Information in the Internet.
    Unfortunately this book is really expensive for the fact it will be renewed often to be actual.

    Have a good day!

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      Great addition! While it costs a lot of money for that book you can get some information (at least about ingredient suppliers) just looking through their online buyer’s guide.

      1. Avatar

        Wow! Thanks, I didnt knew this! 🙂 I just took a quick look and I think this is really a helpful page. Thanks again!

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