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Welcome to Day 26 of the 30 Days to Become a Better Cosmetic Chemist series

This 30 day challenge is all about giving you lessons and basic exercises that will improve your abilities as a cosmetic chemist. cosmetic raw materials

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In this episode

In today’s program we’re going to discuss raw material samples including how to get them, when you should get them and what to do with them after you get them.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to get raw material samples from suppliers
  • Alternative sources for obtaining raw materials
  • What information you should collect about a material
  • Questions you should ask about your new raw material
  • How to evaluate a raw material
  • The importance of testing new materials on a blind basis

Today’s challenge

Start your own raw material evaluation system.

Spreadsheet for tracking new raw materials


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    I wish to spend a day with i surely know after that I will never be the same

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    Please advise on where I can find natural colorants for lipsticks, makeup. Not minerals please. I need some names of companies that have the natural colorants.

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    Jeffrey Ehlinger

    I have listened to several episodes and I eventually plan to listen to ALL of the episodes. The ones I have caught so far have been chock-full of useful information (I wish I had this resource years ago). I’m guilty of having a disorganized raw material sample shelf, but after listening to this episode I have pledged to get organized once and for all using your system. Thanks for the help!

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      Thanks for the kind words Jeffrey!

  4. Avatar

    Hi Perry,
    I wanted to double check if the spreadsheet supplied for this day is the correct spreadsheet. It looks to be a cost saving spreadsheet and the same supplied on the next days podcast. If there’s another spreadsheet example you’ve used and you’re open to sharing it, I’d love to see it.

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      Hello April – Thanks for letting me know. I think I linked the wrong spreadsheet. I’ll fix it shortly

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