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Welcome to Day 1 of the 30 Days to Become a Better Cosmetic Chemist series

This 30 day challenge is all about giving you basic exercises that will improve your abilities as a cosmetic chemist.cosmetic products

Today the challenge is for you to learn about a new category of cosmetic formulas.

In this episode

In todays episode I’ll share:

  • Information you need to know about the cosmetic market
  • The size of the worldwide cosmetic market
  • The 5 key types of cosmetic products
  • Different types of skin care, hair care & color cosmetics
  • Difference between drugs and cosmetics

Daily Challenge – Analyze the market

Here is a spreadsheet example of the market analysis.  You can use this spreadsheet to do your own analysis.

Analysis of specialty hair conditioner market spreadsheet

Best places to find product information:

Share your analysis, questions and comments below.

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About the Author

Perry Romanowski

Perry has been formulating cosmetic products and inventing solutions to solve consumer problems since the early 1990’s. Additionally, he has written and edited numerous articles and books, taught continuing education classes for industry scientists, and developed successful websites. His latest book is Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry 3rd Edition published by Allured.


  1. Avatar

    Thanks perry, your podcast is really informative.

  2. Avatar

    Thank you so much Dr. Perry for all the differences you are trying to make.

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    Endlex victor Okechukwu

    thanks perry for the day one lesson, initially i thought shampoo is just washing the hair only, but now i know there are many shampoos for different purposes , actually your voice sounds like a lecturers voice in a class room lol,
    thanks so much perry

  4. Avatar
    Lee-Ann Raaff

    Dear Perry, Thank you i have some homework to do for each category. This will be fun. The claim “anti-pollution” and the actives being used for the formulations. Also do the actives really help prevent anti-pollution. And what tests do the actives have to comply too to make such a claim. Will you perhaps cover it some time?

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      It’s difficult to say whether actives actually prevent pollution damage. Mostly likely they don’t make much noticeable difference.

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    I have a question here, what does a petrolatum(vaseline) consist of?

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      It consists mostly of long chain hydrocarbon molecules. H-C-C-…-C-H

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    Hey so I don’t use PayPal.. how do I purchase a course?

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      You can use a credit card through our system.

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    Anjali Chandani

    Hi Perry,
    Do we get a certificate for these podcasts?
    If not then do we have any certification courses for cosmetic science?

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    Gift Afful

    The podcast was very informative Perry. I look forward to the rest of it to help build my confidence. Will there be ones specifically dedicated to skin care and hair care products?…thank you!

  9. Avatar
    Ikonagbon patience

    Thanks for the definitions and clearity. Now where is soap classified?

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      Soap is just soap. It is not governed by the rules of the FDA as long as it doesn’t make any cosmetic claims.

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    Very informative

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    I saw your video and audio perry I’m graduating in i don’t have knowledge in science section. But I’m interested to start and manufacturing business in cosmetic products. How this series help me to start a manufacturing in Cosmetic products. please suggest me .

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    dahmani lyes

    This poadcast was very good, thanks Perry for this work.
    It will be better if poadcasts include subtitles and slides

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    hi Perry
    this was very informative for me.

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    natalie stewart

    wow am starting to understand what the claims is , very informative and straight to the point.

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    Hi, perry firstly I would thank u for your free podcasts.And coming on my side I am biochemistry student and later on with my passion I have completed CIDESCO which is helping for my salon and spa business.Now I am interested to manufacture cosmetic products. Would your course help me to start cosmetic manufacturing unit and how about practical sessions.

    Mohana lakshmi,

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    Very informative. I graduated with a bio degree and I lost hope that I could get into this industry, but I’m gaining motivation that I can do what I’m passionate about. One day I’ll produce my own line. Thank you.

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    Very informative

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    I am so behind, but am sure I will do catch up. I’m just trying to figure out the cost of the book and how long it will take to reach me in South Africa. Thanks Perry for sharing with us.

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      Hello Louise – The workbook is $29.99 US and you can download it as soon as you make a purchase.

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    Learn something new

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    This is very good. I shall complete it D.V.

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    Aulesius Bazanye

    Thanks for that beautiful introduction. Its really a challenge but it has full opened up my mind on which trend to follow developing my carries

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    Very informative

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    Great information. Do I have to be a chemist or have had any training in chemistry to formulate my own products? Thank you for the Websites.

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      While it helps to know a bit about chemistry, you do not have to be a chemist to formulate your own cosmetic products. Learning formulating is a lot like learning how to cook. It helps to go to culinary school but it’s not required to learn to make dinner.

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    Will you be looking at Mascara formulas?

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    Very cool first podcast! Could you please talk about using gold and platinum in skin care??

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      Thanks! I’ll include that in a future podcast after the series. But typically, gold and platinum are not used in skin care except as claims ingredients. The benefit they may provide does not warrant the cost of including them in the product.

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    Andrew Luswata

    Wellthought out and innovative gesture

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    Hk. Riaz Hussain

    I listened it very carefully and I got very excellent start with this lecture. I think that whole month will be very informal for me in field of cosmetics.

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    Verrry good 🙂

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