A career in cosmetic chemistry is one of the most satisfying and creative things you can do with a chemistry degree.  Of course, you can also start a career with other science degrees like chemical engineering and biology but most cosmetic scientists have chemistry degrees.  On this page you will find many of the best articles we’ve written about how to get started in a cosmetic chemistry career, what you will do on the job and other tips to help you advance in your career.

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Here are some of our best articles published about starting a cosmetic science career.

Getting started

How to become a Cosmetic Chemist
How I became a cosmetic chemist
 75 Things a Cosmetic Scientist Does
Top 10 reasons to become a cosmetic chemist
Basic cosmetic science career questions answered
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How to start a cosmetic chemist career

Cosmetic Science Degrees

Cosmetic Science programs around the world
Cosmetic Careers for Uncertain Science Majors
What background do you need to become a cosmetic chemist?
What major should you take to become a cosmetic chemist?
 Is a degree in cosmetic science worth it?

Finding a cosmetic science job

3 Tips for finding a cosmetic science lab job
 5 Places to find cosmetic science jobs
Where to find cosmetic science internships
The differences between working for a small or big company
How a blog can help you get a cosmetic science job
How much money does a cosmetic chemist make?
The realities of a cosmetic chemist career
Looking for a cosmetic science job?
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How to use Twitter to find a cosmetic science job
 Start your own cosmetic line

List of cosmetic science jobs around the United States

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