Want jobs as a chemist - Start a blog

Many job-seeking cosmetic chemists are unaware of a powerful tool that can help them stand out in the crowd: start a cosmetic science blog.

If you are a new graduate, recently laid off (or about to be), or returning to the workforce from a long hiatus, a blog is an excellent way to set you apart from other job applicants.

Benefits of cosmetic science blogging

Blogging can help you get a job in a number of ways including…

1. Demonstrate your subject knowledge
2. Help you learn the industry
3. Show your ability to write & think
4. Connect with other industry people
5. Become a perceived expert
6. Attract media attention
7. Get job offers

Subject knowledge

When you write a blog for a few months, you’ll start to be noticed by people. You’ll build a resume of your subject knowledge that people can look at whenever they want to know more about you. You’ll have proof that you know what you’re talking about. Hopefully, you do.

Learn the cosmetic industry

If you are a recent graduate, it is unlikely that you know much about what is important in being a cosmetic scientist. However, if you write a blog you will be forced to do the proper research to learn what is important, to learn which companies matter, and to know what is going on in the industry. Future employers will be impressed with your knowledge of the industry, especially when other job applicants have nothing to show.

Show your ability to write and think

With a blog, you demonstrate that you have ideas and thoughts that could be beneficial to a future employer. A blog helps you provide a face to the resume. A good blog gives you a significant leg up.

Connect with people in the industry

Blogging will get you noticed and the research required to write a blog will require you to seek out the important and influential people in the industry. Start writing about people and ask to interview them via email. Many will be more than happy to help you and you’ll have an important new connection.

Become a perceived expert

If you answer questions that your readers happen to have, you become their expert. It doesn’t really matter how expert you are at a subject. If you’ve researched a topic and they don’t know the answers you’re providing, you are an expert. And expert status grants you significant advantages when attempting to land a job.

Attract media attention

In addition to industry people recognizing your expertise, the media may also begin to see you as an expert. My blogging activities have garnered me quotes in the New York Times, C&E News, and a variety of other media mentions. These can be given as further proof of your expertise.

Get job offers

Perhaps the greatest advantage of having a blog about cosmetic science is that people may directly ask you to come work with them or to help them with a consulting project. Blogging helps them find you and you can decide whether you are able to accept their proposed job offers or not.

So don’t despair. Even if the job market is down, you can still help yourself find that dream cosmetic formulating job. Start a cosmetic science blog and showcase your knowledge and abilities.

A static resume is not going to help you stand out, but a good cosmetic blog will.

Do you have a cosmetic science blog? Let us know how to connect with you by leaving a comment below.

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