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We recently wrote about all the Cosmetic Chemists on Twitter and even listed some things you can do with the service.

But here is an application we didn’t think of. According to this article on, some people are using Twitter to get themselves jobs.

How to find a job through Twitter

Step 1: Sign up for a Twitter account
Step 2: Create a profile that lists your career goal (e.g. To become an excellent cosmetic chemist)
Step 3: Link to your LinkedIn profile or personal website in your profile
Step 4: Put your Twitter alias on your resume
Step 5: Search for major companies on Twitter who you’d be interested to work for
Step 6: Follow them and respond to Tweets you find interesting.

How to search for people in the Beauty Business

This can be challenging if you don’t know where to look.

Try TweepSearch.

For example, if you do a search for P&G on TweepSearch, you’ll find 31 people who you could follow.

Search for L’Oreal, and you’ll find 52 people who might be worth following.

Search for Unilever, there are 36 people to follow

Note:  It’s a bit harder to find smaller companies because this method depends on people to have put their company names in their profiles. But you can still find many people who work at the companies you may be interested in. It’s worth trying!

And for more tips on using Twitter to find a job, see this article which lists 50 more tips.

And don’t forget this article on Twitip on how to get a job using Twitter.



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    How do I FIND a cosmetic chemist for small freelance jobs znd consulting?? I have been looking everywhere for some resources on this. Have some start-up small business ideas bug can’t find anyone to help. Craigslist is the only place I’ve even gotten responses but most have been flakey. Any advice would be helpful.

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      Well, you could post your request in our forum. I know there are a few cosmetic chemists there who would be willing to take on jobs. The forum is here. It’s free to sign up. Cosmetic Science forum

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      If your still looking I’m a personal care/color cosmetic chemist with 20+ years experience.

    3. Avatar

      Hi there Sarah, I am a cosmetic chemist and will charge a fraction of the manufacturers costs. I owned and still own a cosmetic business which means I have been where you are. It’s exciting but a little daunting! If you would like to have a chat email me at
      Kind Regards

      Dr Catherine Pratt

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