3 Tips for Finding a Cosmetic Science Lab Job

The other day someone asked me for some tips on how to find a cosmetic science job in the cosmetic industry with personal care companies like Alberto Culver, P&G, L’Oreal or other big companies.

Of course, you should go through and do the standard things like tailor your resume to specific jobs, apply through HR departments, etc. cosmetic chemist job

But if you want to stand out among the crowd or even discover un-posted job opportunities, you’re going to need to “know” someone on the inside. There are three ways you can get an inside track on jobs in cosmetic companies.

Job Hunting Tips

1. Deal directly with R&D people. Ideally, you would get to meet the managers in the R&D departments, but if you strike up a friendship with someone from the company, they can give you information on the jobs that might be available. The best way to meet people at companies is to attend SCC meetings or find people on LinkedIn.

Remember relationships are a two way street. Don’t just request help from someone without first figuring out a way you can help them.

2. Work for a lab temp agency. Most big cosmetic companies work with temp agencies so if you can get a temporary job assignment, you will get the inside track on available permanent jobs. In fact, while I was there, at least 30% of people hired at AC in R&D started out as temporary workers.

3. Meet cosmetic industry raw material sales people. If you go to a trade show (like the Teamworks event coming up in Chicago) you’ll get to meet all of the suppliers in the cosmetic industry. Typically, the salespeople are the ones who man these booths. Sales people visit lots of companies and often know of job opportunities.

Finding a job is almost always about who you know, not what you know. The more people you meet at a company, the greater your chances of landing a job with that company.

Resume help

And if you’re looking for tips on putting together a good resume, you might find this ebook helpful.

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