Cosmetic Chemist Career Basic Questions Answered

We received an email from a student who was doing a report about becoming a cosmetic chemist and thought it would be a good idea to post the answers to these basic questions here. If you have ever considered becoming a cosmetic chemist, you’ll find these questions and answers useful.

1. How did you get into cosmetic chemistry?

I always liked science and when I went to college I studied Biology. When I got in my last year I switched to Chemistry and got my first job at a shampoo manufacturer. This was my first introduction to Cosmetic Chemistry & I thought it was lots of fun.

2. What classes do you need to take to prepare for a cosmetic chemist?

The most applicable classes for cosmetic chemistry are the ones you take during college.
a. General Chemistry
b. Organic Chemistry
Other classes that are helpful are Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Instrumental Analysis.

3. What type of degree is needed to be a cosmetic chemist?

A BS in Chemistry is best but you can also get a Chemical Engineering degree or a Biology Degree.

4. What are the duties of a cosmetic chemist?

This depends on what you do but range from formulating products, testing them, and being responsible for the regulatory information. See this post on things that a cosmetic chemist does on the job.

5. What are the responsibilities of a cosmetic chemist?

Depends on the company. Some cosmetic chemists are solely responsible for formulating products. Other cosmetic chemists are responsible for everything from coming up with an idea, creating prototypes, testing prototypes, scaling up batches for production and quality control testing when it’s done.

6. What is the starting salary for a cosmetic chemist?

This will depend on where you get a job (what country and what part of the country) but you could expect a starting salary range between $30,000 and $40,000 per year.

Do you have anything to add to these responses or do you have any other questions about being a cosmetic chemist?  Leave a comment below.

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