Cosmetic Science Forum Roundup

There are some pretty good discussions going on at the Cosmetic Science forum. If you haven’t been participating, you should really take a look. Here are some of the highlights.

Top cosmetic science discussions

1. What tests should be done before launching a product? Chemists weigh in on what they think you have to do before going to market with your new formula.

2. What is the must-have equipment for a cosmetic laboratory? Chemists say what they think you need to have for running a successful cosmetic lab.

3. How do you determine period after opening? Excellent info about exactly how you do this.

4. Alternatives for parabens and formaldehyde donor preservatives. Don’t want to use these maligned preseravtives? Well, see this discussion for the best alternatives.

5. Why more cosmetic chemists aren’t doing research? See why cosmetic chemists think that more research isn’t being done in our industry.

We have a great group of contributors to the cosmetic science forum so be sure to click over there and participate.


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