20+ Cosmetic Chemists Who Tweet - Do You?

If you’re a recent college graduate or are up on Web 2.0, you have no doubt heard about Twitter.  And if you’re really up on things, you’ve signed up and used Twitter.  However, even if you’ve tried it you still might wonder what it twitter scientistis all about and more importantly, why should you use it?

We here on Chemists Corner have been using Twitter for more than a year and have found a number of things that make it beneficial to cosmetic chemists.  I wrote some of these in this article about Twitter contributed to GCI.

Reasons to Use Twitter

I’ll summarize the reasons why cosmetic chemist should use twitter and include a few more that weren’t listed in the article.

1.  Discover types of products consumers want -  You can spy on the Twitterverse and see what products / problems people are talking about.  Try the Twitscoop to follow and search hot topics.

2.  Get help solving your problems - Do you need advice with formulating, writing, directions, or even figuring out what to do with yourself while you’re traveling?  Posing your question to your followers on Twitter can help you solve almost any problem.

3.  Find and share links about the beauty industry - You don’t have time to read every article published on line or in print.  You can use Twitter to find the latest industry or science news filtered by other cosmetic chemists.  And you can share things you find interesting too.

4.  Discover new science relevant to beauty industry - There are a number of scientists who use Twitter to publish their latest research.  You can quickly find obscure topics that could help you create new, innovative products.

5.  Connect with other cosmetic chemists - This is one of the most useful uses for Twitter.  See what other cosmetic chemists are up to and help them out.  In turn, they will help you when you might need a problem solved.  Creating a network of cosmetic chemists will undoubtedly be useful for the future of your career.

6.  Find out who’s talking about you or your brand - If you work on a brand you can see what people are saying about it.  This can alert you to potential problems and also help you figure out what you are doing right.  Just use something like Twitscoop to track your brand.

7.  Become an industry expert -The media uses Twitter as a quick way to identify experts who they will quote in their articles.  If you have any interest in being quoted or featured in traditional press outlets, build a following on Twitter and they’ll find you.

8.  Virtually attend conferences -When I was at the latest National SCC meeting, I tweeted what was happening in the various conferences.  The folks from C&T were also tweeting as were a few other cosmetic chemists.  You could find out what was going on without having to travel across the country to find out.

9.  Create a brainstorming group - Once you have a following on Twitter you can pose questions to them.  If you are challenged to come up with some great new ideas get help from your followers on Twitter.  More brains are better than one.

10.  Start your own brand - If you have any entrepreneurial thoughts at all, Twitter can provide an inexpensive alternative to paid advertising.  By building a  following, you can create fans who will want to try what you are developing.  Unless you are a big player (and they shouldn’t ignore Twitter either) using Twitter to launch a product is one of the easiest, most cost effective methods to follow.

Who to Follow?

The community of cosmetic chemists who are on Twitter is growing.  Here is a list of 20+ cosmetic chemists who use twitter.  Be sure to follow them to keep up on all the latest going on in the field of cosmetic science.

Just click on the screen name to see their Twitter page.

If you want to be added to this list, just leave a comment below!

Screen name


kellydobos Cosmetic chemist, out to make her mark in the world
thejoggler World record holder for 50 mile ultra marathon while juggling. Also a cosmetic scientist, writer & innovator
thebeautybrains Cosmetic chemists answer beauty questions from consumers
thelahobo Cosmetic chemist by day, jeans and t-shirt gal by night.
beautyscientist Scientist formulating cosmetics and topical pharmaceuticals.
sunsetsoaps Full time scientist, part time grad student, and aspiring soap crafter! 🙂
beerchemist I am a cosmetic chemist focusing on new innovations, thought leadership, time management, and powerful presentations. Beer, homebrewing as a hobby.
ayuexpressions Cosmetic Chemist, Founder of AYU, LLC, Vegetarian forever
sassij I’m a cosmetic chemist. Making cosmetics is my passion, which I do from home while looking after my three beautiful children.
SoapyGuy I work with soap and lotions and stuff.
Sugarmagnani development chemist, dead head, chili cook-off winner, future resident of yellowstone national park
Glam Scientist Model-Mom-Cosmetic Chemist-Entrepreneur- Yes!!!
MidwestSCC Midwest Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists
dralisyed President and Head Chemist of Avlon & Syntonics
CandTEditor The International Magazine of Cosmetic Technology
JacklinVet A warm, sensitive, easy-going, independent person who believes in living life to the fullest - getting to know all types of people, seeing the world!
Happimagazine Cosmetic industry trade journal
sagescript Biochemist and Herbalist creating botanical skin care & wellness products, doing cosmetic microbiology, blogging, teaching. Love herbs, food, gardens, fiber
diahne Cosmetic chemist in Arizona
BenVerona Resident of Verona (NJ), musician (trumpet), volunteer (Landmarks Preservation, Public Health Reserve Corps, 9/11 Committee), blogger
luparuta Cosmetic chemist in Brazil
RealizeBeautyEd Cosmetic Chemist, Mother of two, Mountain Bike Racer, Green Queen, Entrepreneur, Science
Hallstar Supplier of ester chemistry to the cosmetic industry
edensong Creator of natural organic skin care
KiMiStRyCOS Cosmetic chemist creating her own cosmetics
tBspot_beauty Ni’Kita Wilson, Cosmetic Chemist, Shares Beauty News and Reviews from a Chemists’ Point of View!
CosmetechLabs Innovation Allies to the Personal Care Industry- from concept to market!
valenzo Cosmetic chemist Valerie Roach - working on some new and exciting things.
Kayla Fioravanti Cosmetic Formulator, Registered Aromatherapist, Blogger
MirSkinCare UK cosmetic scientist and the creator/founder of Mir Skin Care, a specialist range of fragrance-free products for sensitive and problematic skin.
lilyxren Cosmetic Chemistry. Skin Care. Fashion. Nerd Culture. Bay Area, California.
Solaveil R&D Scientists, Formulators and Sun Care experts behind Croda’s Solaveil range of inorganic sunscreens.

Remember, if you want to be added to this list, just leave a comment below!

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