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Duncan Abbott interview

Duncan Abbott has been in the cosmetic industry over 20 years and has worked for cosmetic companies such as Alberto Culver, Unilever, and Meller Beauty. He is currently Developing Manager at Simple Health and Beauty. You can connect with Duncan in the Chemists Corner forum.

Interview begins at 14:23

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Cosmetic Chemistry Programs

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About the Author

Perry Romanowski

Perry has been formulating cosmetic products and inventing solutions to solve consumer problems since the early 1990’s. Additionally, he has written and edited numerous articles and books, taught continuing education classes for industry scientists, and developed successful websites. His latest book is Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry 3rd Edition published by Allured.


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    cosmetology training

    Thanks for sharing informative Podcast on Cosmetic Chemistry Programs — Duncan Abbott Interview . I really liked it and got lots of information from the posted article. Taking cosmetology as a profession is really a good choice of apprentices. There are lots of beauty training academies present which provide lots of training programs.

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    Vidhi Gupta

    Hi Perry,

    Thanks for such a informative podcast.
    There is this one more institution named LAD and SRP college (Nagpur University) in India which happens to be the first university in India to come up with courses like B.Tech in Cosmetology (a 4 yr course) and M.Tech in Cosmetology. Till date this university is considered to be the best in India for pursuing this course.

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    I totally agree Perry, micro is a must! On the handmade Bath & Beauty section is over 120,000 items and it grows daily! Huge deal (didn’t know that either btw).

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    Perry what a wonderful show again, thank you! It was especially exciting to hear Duncan, he is such a lovely presence on the forum 🙂 Great to give the words a voice and a visual. I’ve also googled simple co uk, you make lovely products, Duncan! (and also googled you Perry LOL indeed the most famous cosmetic chemist)

    Loved both your input on safety and testing. Recently I came across a consumer website and there people would give a lot of positive reviews to US based handmade cosmetics. There is a venue where very small companies sell their own ‘cooked’ formulations, mostly made in their kitchen, that have quite a following. Did you ever hear of that venue ( Anyways it seems that most of those sellers don’t do any testing because it would be so expensive?

    After some searching I found out there are people here in the EU that do the same, again without any safety assessments. I understood from a safety assessor that some products do not need that, like oil based products and handmade soaps. Is that true?

    I found it interesting that not all cosmetic formulators seem to follow the same rules. Personally I wouldn’t dare take that chance…

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      Thanks Eliza!

      It is a bit scary to think that people are selling cosmetics without doing any testing. I have heard of but I didn’t realize they sold cosmetic products too. I know them for their arts and crafts products.

      While there is less of a chance for contamination of oil-based products, you should still do contamination testing because there is still SOME chance of a problem.

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