Article by: Perry Romanowski

This article is Happi reports that Pantone, the global authority on color, has released it’s predictions for the top 10 colors for women’s fashion in 2012.

I guess these are the people the pick the colors that are supposed to be popular in the future. It’s a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy however, because the fashion designers take these colors, then make clothes out of them, which limits the color choices that people will get and therefore like.

But I digress.

Happi has the complete list but having the list without a picture seems pointless. So, we here at Chemists Corner have gone through and created a diagram showing the actual colors of the Pantone top pics for 2012.

Start your color matching now.


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  2. Avatar

    Of course uncoloured products never go out of fashion…

    (Oh and D&C Violet 2 or similar for the purple one)

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    I bet a lot of chemists would find it helpful if you could post a list of FD&C dyes that could be used to create these Pantone colors.

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