A Budding Young Cosmetic Chemist

I was at a family party a couple weeks ago and was asked by my 13 year old niece how long it would take for Kool Aid to come out of her hair. Apparently, she was watching a video on YouTube which demonstrated how to color her hair with Kool Aid. Like this one I suppose.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cj-Z2ZoZCVs’]

On the oen hand I have to applaud her initiative. One of her friends told her about the Kool Aid dye process and she did some research to find out exactly how to do it. Then she went ahead and tried it. It worked!

But it didn’t come out and her light brown hair had this long, red streak that wouldn’t wash out. I had to laugh, and beamed with a little pride. With her penchant for experimenting, I think some day she just might become a cosmetic chemist.

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