9 Beauty Trends from 2014

According to Lucky Magazine these were the big beauty trends in 2014 (in no particular order).

How many of them do you remember? more-nail-art-trend

1. Beauty products from Korea.
We have them to thank for the alphabet lotion craze!

2. Rainbow hair colors.
Blue and green even.

3. The rise of DIY beauty.
And all the misinformed nonsense that goes with it.

4. The wavy long bob haircut.
Long short hair is in apparently.

5. Geometric nail art.
Lots of innovation in nail products this year.

6. Flash tattoos.
All the benefits of a tattoo with none of the pain.

7. Big eye brows.
Statement eye brows were all the rage.

8. Throwback brands making a comeback
Maybe there’s a chance for VO5!

9. Complicated braids
The hair style that never goes away.

What beauty trends did you see this year?

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