5 Reasons to Attend the Mid Year SCC Scientific Meeting

The SCC Midyear meeting is fast approaching. It’s scheduled for June 3-4 in Long Island, NY. It’s an excellent meeting for any cosmetic chemist to attend but if you are on the fence as to whether attend or not, here are a few reasons that might help convince you to attend.

Reasons to attend the mid year SCC meeting

1. Go for the talks. The line-up of speakers that have been arranged is top notch. They include people speaking on such topics as

  • a. Green Chemistry – Sustainability, Natural formulations, etc.
  • b. Hair formulation – Including a talk by Dr. Marsh who leads the industry in colored hair research.
  • c. Formulating – Focusing on consumers, lip gloss and other makeup products
  • d. Dermatology & Cosmetology – Speakers include Dr. Zoe Draelos, Dr. Vince Gruber, and other skin care researchers.

2. Go for the courses. Of course, you may want to just attend to go to the continuing education courses like the mini breakfast seminars on topics like sunscreen stability, skincare research, and color use in cosmetics. Then there is the Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry course taught by yours truly and a Formulating for naturals by Art Georgalas.

3. Go for the new ideas. If you are feeling like you’re in a rut as a formulator a meeting like this can do wonders for shaking up your brain. I get no less than a dozen good ideas while attending SCC mid-year meetings.

4. Go for the networking. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet and speak with cosmetic scientists around the country. See how they might be doing things different than you.

5. Go for the location. The meeting is just a short distance from Manhattan. If you’ve never visited New York City, well, that itself is a good enough reason to attend.

BONUS: Meet some of the people behind the Chemists Corner website and podcast. I’ll be there and there is also a chance that the coolest cosmetic chemist will also attend.

If you want to attend, just fill out this form and forward it to the National SCC office.

Are you attending the Mid-year SCC meeting? Why or why not? Leave a comment below.

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