Kelly Dobos is a cosmetic chemist and expert in both skin care and make-up product formulation.  She has the coolest job and has a passion for teaching others the smartest ways to express their creativity through cosmetic chemistry. kelly dobos - cosmetic chemist

She began her formulations career in the HI&I industry in 2001 and moved into the cosmetics industry a few years later, allowing her to combine her love of beauty, the hottest fashions and science.

She spent time as a formulator for the Bonne Bell Company, GOJO Industries, and Kao Brands Company before starting her current role as Cosmetics Technical Manager at Sun Chemical.

She has also completed her Masters Degree of Pharmaceutical Science with a concentration in Cosmetic Science at the University of Cincinnati.

See Kelly’s Crains Business interview here.

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    Natalie Silverton

    Dear Kelly
    I would love to know whether you would consider being quoted in Top Sane, a UK health and beauty magazine. Each month, we ask an independent expert to review something iconic or buzzworthy in the beauty industry. I wondered if you’d be interested in talking about one of our upcoming topics – mascaras?
    Please get back to me
    Thanks. Natalie

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