Will cosmetic chemists ‘wake up’ sleep hair follicles?

One of the top problems that consumers experience when it comes to hair is hair loss. This is particularly troubling for men but women also report hair loss or hair thinning as a significant problem.

So, research continues into ways of solving that problem. Here is some progress on the hair loss front.

According to a researcher at L’Oreal in Paris, they have identified a compound that can “wake up” hair follicles and restart their hair growing ways.

There is no word on what the compound is but coming from L’Oreal, it is an interesting development.

However, I doubt that this will make much difference to L’Oreal’s bottom line any time soon. The compounds can only restart hair follicles that are still capable of producing hair but are just dormant. If the follicle goes completely dormant, new hair growth becomes impossible through this method.

I wonder if this product actually works whether it will be sold as a drug. hmmmm

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