Why cosmetic chemists should use Twitter

I’m a big fan of Twitter and post regularly as @ChemistsCorner, @thebeautybrains, and @thejoggler.  There are also a number of other cosmetic chemists who tweet (see this post on 20 cosmetic chemists who tweet), but we are still in the minority.  There are some very good reasons why a cosmetic chemist should be on Twitter including the following.  twitter

Create new relationships with other chemists & scientists

The growth of Twitter continues to be amazing and it frequently is a place for cosmetic chemists to post ideas/stories that they find interesting.  I’ve met a number of cosmetic chemists & other interesting people through Twitter.

Communicate directly with non-scientists & the media

My posting on twitter has lead directly to a number of opportunities to contribute to stories written by people in the main stream press.  Cosmetic chemists are a unique voice in the cosmetic industry and we haven’t been heard from nearly enough.  Twitter provides that opportunity.

Becoming an expert

When you communicate information about cosmetic chemistry on Twitter you can establish yourself as an expert in the field.  Even if you have only been involved in formulating for a short while, the quality of your tweets will help build credibility.

Finding a job

We have previously written about it and I encourage you to read our post about how Twitter can be used to find a job.

Get ideas for new products

Cosmetic chemists can follow beauty bloggers on Twitter and get consumer insights, learn about problems consumers are having, and come up with new product ideas.  It can also help you get keyed into the hot ingredients that you know your marketing people will eventually ask you about.

Easier than blogging

I think blogging is a great outlet for cometic chemists who are looking to establish themselves as industry experts but the truth is it can take up a lot of time.  Twitter allows you to have most of the same benefits of blogging without the amount of time required.  A 140 character tweet is much faster to write than a 1000 word blog post.

Social Media tips

While social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are excellent outlets for building a reputation as an expert they can also land you in trouble.  Remember anything and everything you post on the Internet has the potential to be there forever!  So, take some of the following precautions before posting too much.

1.  Consider posting anonymously.  It’s better to use your real name as it helps in establishing yourself as an expert, but if you work for a corporation they likely have a social media posting policy which can significantly restrict what you are allowed to write.  Anonymity allows you to post whatever you like.

2.  Be polite.  If you are using your real name then being polite is better than being an Internet bully.  You might think people are idiots but don’t tell them.  Get your point across and then let it go.

3.  Post useful things.  Social media can be a complete waste of time if you let it.  When you are posting think of your audience and the things that would be most helpful to them.  The fact that you are doing laundry is not what your audience wants.  Stick to interesting science or other things going on in the cosmetic industry.

Twitter can be the quickest way to establish yourself as an expert.  If you’re not on it now, you should join.  And if you are on Twitter, be sure to follow some of these interesting cosmetic chemists


During the month of March we are going to focus on a cosmetic science career.  If you are interested in more about having a career as a cosmetic chemist, be sure to see our page on cosmetic science career.

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