Article by: Perry Romanowski

Somehow many consumers, DIYers, and even formulators stumble on to the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database.  Unfortunately, they have no way of knowing that much of the information is dubious and provides a skewed view of the safety of cosmetic ingredients.  We have previously written about the problems with the EWG.

But criticism about a website or source is not helpful for the people who ended up on the website in the first place.  Consumers, formulators, and DIY cosmetic makers have questions and seek out useful information.  That’s why they ended up on the EWG site in the first place.

Fortunately, there are websites that take a scientific approach to information about cosmetic ingredients.  In addition to Chemists Corner, here are some great alternatives to the EWG database.

1. – This website produced by the CTPA provides reliable information about the ingredients used in cosmetics.  There is information about product safety, ingredients, general cosmetic information, and specific cosmetic types.

2.  Cosmetic – This is a website created by the PCPC and contains information about the safety, testing, and regulation of cosmetics and personal care products and their ingredients. There are two section on the site including pages on ingredient safety and an ingredient database. A nice, science based alternative to the Skin Deep database.

3.  FDA cosmetic information – Here you will find all you need to know about the regulation of cosmetics in the US.  Includes safety information and a review of hot topics.

4.  Personal Care Truth – Just some cosmetic industry experts providing articles about controversial topics in the cosmetic industry.

5.  The Beauty Brains – If you are a consumer and have a question about your cosmetic products, these cosmetic experts will get you the answer.

Got any more suggestions of great website resources for cosmetic ingredient information?  Leave a comment below.


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    For those looking for the European version of what the FDA does, Cosing is a good portal for regulations, material data.

    Good if you wish to confirm if a material is “Banned in the EU, but not in the states – OMG call your congressman!!!””
    – Most times it isn’t

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      Thanks for the info Duncan!

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