Article by: Perry Romanowski

There are a number of raw material supplier shows around the United States and around the world. Last March, the Midwest SCC chapter held their Teamworks show which featured cosmetic suppliers from around the country. It was well attended.

However, on May 15 and 16 the New York SCC will be holding the biggest cosmetic raw material supplier show in the country, their Suppliers’ Day 2012 event. Here are some of the details.

When: May 15 & 16 (2012)
Time: 8:30am – 4:30 pm
Where: New Jersey Convention & Expo Center

Why Attend?

If you want to see all of the suppliers in the industry and the new materials you can get from them, this is the place to go. Every large and medium sized supplier will be there. You will be able to ask questions, get information, get samples, and network with people throughout the industry.

Looking for jobs? This is a good place to start networking. You can use the show as research for where your next source of employment may come from. Remember, being a cosmetic chemist does not mean you work only for finished goods manufacturers. Many chemists work for raw material suppliers.

Looking for samples? Many of the suppliers give out free samples of their materials. If you want to get anything, this is the place to go.

Looking for answers? If you are having a problem that you’re not able to solve, there will be experts at the show who you can talk to and most likely find answers.

Looking for free stuff? Well, you’ll find it here too. Free samples, literature, candy and food.

So, be sure to bring a stack of business cards and a list of questions you want answered. Bring a notebook and write down ideas that might occur to you. Notice trends in the industry and hopefully it will lead to new product ideas.

I’m not going to make the show this year but it’s definitely on my calendar for next year.


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    please .can you send me the list of the companies and factories how is in the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center and there website .

    thanks for help

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      Perry Romanowski

      Do a google search for New York SCC and you will find the list you seek.

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