Episode 4: Amanda Foxon-Hill Interview

It’s the latest episode of the Chemists Corner podcast. Please have a listen and let us know what you think.

Chemists Corner podcast is about cosmetic science and is broadcast to help educate, entertain, and inspire current and future cosmetic scientists. Each episode we’ll talk about news in the cosmetic industry, answer some of your questions, and discuss a topic in-depth, usually with an industry expert interview.

In this episode…

1. News

2. Listener question — How do you do a Freeze / Thaw stability test?

3. Cosmetic Science - Top 10 problems in hair care science

4. Interview — Amanda Foxon-Hill of Realize Beauty.

  • Amanda Foxon-Hill is a longtime cosmetic chemist who’s worked in both Europe and Australia. She has experience formulating a wide range of products and is currently the Director of Realize Beauty, which features a website dedicated to de-mystifying the cosmetics industry for the consumer. She works as an instructor for the Institute of Personal Care Science which offers a certified diploma course in cosmetic chemistry. Additionally, she runs workshops called Cosmetic Kitchen for adults and kids where they make a few basic products. Her latest project is writing a book called “Realize Beauty” which is a philosophical look at our relationship with our bodies.

5. Weekly Challenge.

Perfume manufacturers are bringing out new fragrances for the coming season.

Ralph Lauren has four new fragrances, Christian Dior has five, and Givenchy has two.

How many new fragrances will be promoted by Yves Saint Laurent?

If you’ve got an answer to the challenge, have a question, or have any topics you’d like us to cover, leave a comment below.

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