Other Cosmetic Science Blogs You Will Find Interesting

While we know you adore Chemists Corner and use it for all your cosmetic science needs, the truth is we can’t cover every topic. To get even more cosmetic chemistry information, take a look at some of these other websites created and written by cosmetic chemists.

Cosmetic Chemist Blogs

1. Colin’s Beauty Pages — Written by a UK-based cosmetic scientist. Colin reviews products, beauty advice, and the science behind beauty and attraction. He’s currently writing a book on the science of beauty and you can see some excerpts on the blog.

2. The b-spot – Nikita is a cosmetic chemist who works as a consultant to the industry. She also has a regular column in the prestigious Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine, one of the top publications for cosmetic science professionals. She gives an insider’s view of the cosmetic industry.

3. Science of beauty — Here’s a site that discusses the science behind beauty products from the perspective of a university professor. Joanne doesn’t work in the beauty industry but she loves beauty products & knows a thing or two about chemistry. Be sure to see her video experiments.

4. Natural Haven — Written by JC, a natural haired scientist based in UK who does not work for any cosmetic company, but is well-versed in the latest beauty research published in scientific journals like the Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Definitely worth checking out.

5. The Beauty Brains — A blog written by cosmetic chemists answering consumer questions about beauty products. They try to present cosmetic science in a manner that is appreciated by the non-scientific public.

6. Soapy Guy – Here’s a cosmetic scientist who surfs the web and links to stories that any cosmetic chemist will find interesting. He often provides his own commentary which helps give the stories real-world application. It’s a great read and one we wish was updated a little more frequently.

New Blogs with Potential

7. Dr. Dad’s Advise – Here’s a relatively new blog which is written by a cosmetic chemist who works in the Chicago area. He’s got a couple of useful articles on surfactants and emulsifiers. We’ll keep an eye on this one.

8. Rajat Narang’s blog – As often happens, someone is excited when they start their new blog and then fizzle out after a few entries. This one seems to have gone that way. However, the entries that Rajat did write are pretty good. If you’re looking for information about colorants, check out this site.

Useful Resources

Sense about Science – This isn’t necessarily about cosmetic science but it does give you some great information about science and how to think critically about claims you see in the news. It should be on every cosmetic chemist’s RSS feed.

Do you have some websites that we didn’t mention? Leave a comment with a link below.

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