Article by: Perry Romanowski

Here is an interesting story I stumbled upon. The makers of some food supplements are claiming that they have created the first anti-wrinkle pill that actually works.

According to the manufacturers (skepticism alarm should be going off now), they’ve created a three-a-day capsule from a blend of natural food extracts that can activate genes to improve skin tone.

Independent researchers said that the preliminary results look intriguing. They did a double-blind trial that shows a benefit from the pills against “crow’s feet” wrinkles. They report some other results from their study of 110 women.

Unfortunately, there is no peer reviewed results so I remain a bit skeptical. Also, if this could work wouldn’t we be worried that an untested drug is turning on and off genes that affect skin growth?

Of course, this is a product put out by one of the big guys (Unilever) so presumably they’ll have done the necessary safety testing.

I don’t know. I’ll remain skeptical until I see the study and some results from people independent of the product.

Still, just more proof that cosmetic chemists have to start thinking about the kinds of things that go into food supplements. This certainly could be where the jobs of the future go.


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    I don’t think it is even possible (spoken as a student Genetics). I can’t imagine that a product can go though the Dermis (because, let’s face it, changing anything in the Epidermis might not have a lot of effect).

    Then, when I think about anything that can change (or turn on and off) genes, I think about compounds that cause cancer. No thanks.

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      I agree with you. Although, I could imagine you might be able to create a product that you eat and it affects the dermis.

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