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Melody Bockelman from is a seasoned professional in the cosmetic industry. Her track record includes brands on QVC, HSN, large retailers and grocery store chains. She spends her days helping entrepreneur’s of all sizes create their own product line is her passion. A graduate of Howard University, in Economics and classics has served her well in evaluating client projects.

You can contact Melody in the following ways.
Website: Private Label Insider

Cosmetic science news

SCC chapter starts in Michigan. You can see their website here. Society of Cosmetic Chemists Michigan

New Gel Technology
Scientists at Radboud University Nijmegen have developed a gel that is supposed to be able to retain moisture a hundred times better than any other gel.

Cosmetic Entrepreneurs

Should you patent your cosmetic product?  No.

Why you do not need to patent your cosmetic formulation

  1. Patents don’t prevent copycats
  2. Patents do not provide much benefit
  3. There are better ways to spend your money


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Perry has been formulating cosmetic products and inventing solutions to solve consumer problems since the early 1990’s. Additionally, he has written and edited numerous articles and books, taught continuing education classes for industry scientists, and developed successful websites. His latest book is Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry 3rd Edition published by Allured.

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    Robert Zonis

    Re: Patents

    However, if you work at a large or even a mid-sized company, you should really consider a patent a form of advertising, both for your skills as a scientist and for the company as a whole.

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