Episode 26: Matt Zoeller - Cosmetic Science

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Interview - Matt Zoeller

Matt Zoeller holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Roosevelt University and is a 30-year veteran of the personal care product contract manufacturing industry segment. He has held senior technical management positions at Schmit Laboratories, SMAP Mfg., and Raani Corporation. He is currently V.P. of Product Development for Paket Corporation in Chicago, a respected contract manufacturer of HBA products packaged in flexible pouches. Matt has contributed to the MWSCC in many capacities, most notably as Editor of the SCCoop from 1999 to 2003. He also co-produced several technical seminars for the chapter and managed publicity for Teamworks events since 1996.

Cosmetic industry stories

Clorox rolls out Ingredients Inside app

Tadpoles development hindered by cosmetic chemical
Bacteria on skin affects attractivenss to mosquitoes

Cosmetic Industry

Better cosmetic ingredients

So how do you figure out which cosmetic ingredients are the best to use? The following checklist can help you figure it out.

1. First, have a standard test to compare performance
2. Consider the overall cost impact of the ingredient
3. Consider the impact on production
4. Figure out what your marketing people would say
5. Decide what you like


Formulating Natural Products training program

Cosmetic science forum

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