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We recently worked with Allured to launch a Natural Cosmetic Formulating course.  If you haven’t signed up to receive the free report on the subject be sure to go get it here.

Formulating natural cosmetics

While working on that project I discovered a bit about the naturals cosmetic market which I thought was interesting and would share here.

Natural cosmetic market

Finding market data about any cosmetic area can be a little challenging if you aren’t signed up with a market research company like Mintell or IRI.  However, if you read GCI, Cosmetics & Toiletries or some of the other cosmetic industry magazines, you can get hints of data.

Here is some data about the natural cosmetic market that you might find interesting.  The data represents the annual sales of natural cosmetics in the US circa 2008.  It’s a little old but it gives you a good idea of the distribution and size of the market.

  • Color Cosmetics – $419 million
  • Hair care – $1.7 billion
  • Baby care – $159 million
  • Nail care – $24 million
  • Bath items – $147 million
  • Deodorants – $217 million
  • Shaving – $138 million
  • Skin care – $3.05 billion
  • Soap – $998 million
  • Fragrance – $352 million
  • Total personal care – $7.92 billion

So, if you’re getting into the natural formulation market, that’s what the market looks like.


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    Arina at Pure Natural Makeup

    What we want is makeup without all the toxic ingredients that is usually found in makeup. No one is going to tell me that something that is toxic-chemical based is just as harmless as makeup that is ‘natural’ and ‘organic’. Of course, it doesn’t mean that a person won’t have allergies or skin reactions, just the same as people have nut, seafood and other allergies to natural products.

    1. Avatar

      I would check your premises Arina. What evidence has convinced you that there are toxic ingredients in makeup?

      1. Avatar
        Arina at Pure Natural Makeup as one example.

        Or quaternium-15 which is a preservative that kills bacteria by releasing formaldehyde. Still found in Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo in US production.

        Parabens linked to various cancers.

        Mineral oils which don’t allow the skin to breathe, thus promoting various skin disorders.

        Why is it that the cheaper the product, the more artificially produce chemicals are in it?

        It’s all down to big profits for the cosmetic industry.

        1. Avatar

          You should investigate the subjects a little further as you would discover new information. I would suggest you find out what scientists are saying about the safety of those ingredients.

          As far as profits go, I worked for a company that made VO5 shampoo. We sold a 450 mL bottle of shampoo for $1. I know that every bottle of shampoo made 5 cents profit. 5 cents on every 450 mL sold.

          You advertise a 200 mL shampoo for 9 pounds ($14.25). That would be the equivalent of selling a VO5 shampoo for ~$31.

          Your product costs $30 more than VO5.

          Who’s making the bigger profit?

          1. Avatar

            Perry LOL Biggest crush on your brain

            The Math = truth will set you free!

            Arina, there are plenty of other websites where you can advertise your shop better, this is not the place where you will find the right type of buyers for your expensive products.

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    Nancy Liedel

    It’s a small niche, but one I know well. I think I’ve plugged away about the, “My executive’s wife, my mom, was recycling before the first Earth Day and saved sand dunes that are unique.” I’m going to head there and vlog, once I am sure that winter has passed, there will not be a winter, and before the nasty tourists start showing up.

    Dad’s’s selling his house on Lake MI, if anyone can afford that on our salaries. We are sad people trying to make people feel good about themselves. Go us!

    I know my niche. The woman who is my mom. Concerned about nature, but realistic about, “All Natural,” cause unless you’re rubbing your face in dirt, dirt with microbes, it’s not natural. You want CLEAN DIRT and once it’s in a lab, it’s not, “All Natural,” anymore. People are freaked out by corn being messed with to produce better corn and want it as it was. It’s a grass. Small head, less nutrition, not that corn is loaded with much that’s good for you, but better nutrition the further back you go. My people. Okay, another tribe, but people that were here before the whites came, took it, engineered it to make it better and VOILA!! Blue corn chips. Naturally that color. Looks God Awful with Guac Green. Shudder.

    My dog. I’ve adopted a lot of mutts in my life and since I’m not 100% of one tribe, let alone one race, I’m a mutt. Go MUTTS!! Hmmm… are mutts anymore natural than one race? Hitler was an idiot, he did NOT like mutts. That is a major move into, “I have the flu and am making less sense than usual.”

    The point, my husky is a purebred. She was a gift, because she’s her own granpaw, but humans have played God and meddled with nature since before the, War of the Roses.” House of Lancaster, look it up. I know us science types get caught up in history too, but it tends to be one era, or area. I know for me it’s my people, and England between 1300 and 1701.

    Natural is almost not natural anymore. We’ve mucked with the plants and animals, even the wild ones. “Cain’t have no wolves here. Dey mess wid my sheeps.” Um. eminent domain, Wolves 1, sheep 0. Still, we marshaled them out, shot them, some still do, from helicopters even. I can’t think of the name of said person. (Know the name, but I can argue politics by calling my step mom. Not here).

    Right now, in the US, Germany and France, the countries most interested in more natural products, the growth averages to about 9% a year*. It’s an undeserved niche and the big guys want in, but not without keeping their other stuff*. Look at some Argan Oil products. They all fall below the 1% line. Argan oil is a HUGE bugaboo of mine right now. Headed towards endangerment, but I can feel the difference in my formulations. Makes me real happy to try to figure that one out.

    There is no such thing as, “all Natural.” It does not jive, dance, nor make confetti in the land of the honest formulator. In the hands of the lying formulator, it’s a great way to make big money. Which leaves me wondering? Is my transparency and sell by what’s in it, rather than not, attitude going to kill me before I’m even online? I suspect finding people that belong in my niche will be like getting my cat to sit still while I brush his gnarly teeth. Not possible, without a lot of help. Frustration. It’s not my friend.

    Again, if I make less sense than usual, I have a fever and am bored.

    *Statistics quoted came from the class, “The Natural Formulator.”

    See, I can still cite a source.

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      I get it…rolling on floor laughing ‘cuz so true and sad.

  4. Avatar

    That is indeed impressive! Thank you for sharing, Perry.

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