How big is the Natural Cosmetic Market?

We recently worked with Allured to launch a Natural Cosmetic Formulating course.  If you haven’t signed up to receive the free report on the subject be sure to go get it here.

Formulating natural cosmetics

While working on that project I discovered a bit about the naturals cosmetic market which I thought was interesting and would share here.

Natural cosmetic market

Finding market data about any cosmetic area can be a little challenging if you aren’t signed up with a market research company like Mintell or IRI.  However, if you read GCI, Cosmetics & Toiletries or some of the other cosmetic industry magazines, you can get hints of data.

Here is some data about the natural cosmetic market that you might find interesting.  The data represents the annual sales of natural cosmetics in the US circa 2008.  It’s a little old but it gives you a good idea of the distribution and size of the market.

  • Color Cosmetics – $419 million
  • Hair care – $1.7 billion
  • Baby care – $159 million
  • Nail care – $24 million
  • Bath items – $147 million
  • Deodorants – $217 million
  • Shaving – $138 million
  • Skin care – $3.05 billion
  • Soap – $998 million
  • Fragrance – $352 million
  • Total personal care – $7.92 billion

So, if you’re getting into the natural formulation market, that’s what the market looks like.

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