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Becoming An Expert at Creating

Natural Product Formulations

This 6 chapter, 54 page natural formulations ebook from Allured will teach you


  • The industry accepted definitions for “Natural” and Organic products
  • How to create effective, natural skin care formulations
  • How to make functional, natural hair care products
  • The challenges of developing natural formulations
  • What the future of green and natural cosmetics will look like

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76 thoughts on “Free Naturals Formulation eBook

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  2. Avatar
    George Salovich says:

    I think that the primer is great! It offers much needed insight as to what is involved and how it all came about.

  3. Avatar
    Mark Fuller says:

    I thought the Guide was very well written. My first approach with a client when they ask for a “Natural” product is to ask them to define what they consider “Natural.” Oftentimes it is a nebulous, undefined Marketing claim that they wish to follow.
    The Guide does a great job helping to better define these and other issues. It was well written and a definite asset.

    • Avatar
      Duncan says:

      I’d agree with Mark,
      Its certainly a good reference guide for the marketing types who like the concept of Natural or Organic, but don’t understand the requirements involved.
      The formulating side certainly gives a pointer, but to be fair anyone using this will be adapting formulations to suit their own needs.
      Its a good starter or primer.

  4. Avatar
    Cindy Jones says:

    The Formulating Natural Cosmetics ebook is a nice introduction to the challenges that face formulators. I’d like to see practical information on how exactly to use some of the newer ‘natural’ ingredients, even if it is hard to define natural. But for instance; what are good ways to thicken non ionic natural surfactants, what does one need to know abut working with non ethoxylated emulsifiers, what are some options for hair conditioners, how to provide a sheen without silicones, etc. Thanks for providing the ebook.

  5. Avatar
    Linda Jakubus says:

    Bravo. I can’t think of enough accolades to describe the Formulating Natural Cosmetics Primer ebook. It spells out the challenges and some solutions to assist formulators of “natural” and organic cosmetics in the face of an ill-defined genre with numerous regulatory bodies. The piece is highly informative, well balanced, and tackles a very complicated issue.

  6. Avatar
    Amanda says:

    I think the primer was great and gives a nice introduction on Formulating Natural Cosmetics. Thanks for the e book I hope there will be more to come Thank You!

  7. Avatar
    Eliza says:

    Hi Perry, first of all THANK YOU for the opportunity to read this. I found the reader to be quite informative on the different standards on natural and organic cosmetics. It also provides the reader with lovely background information on formulating natural cosmetics. Also it’s scientifically written, which I personally like.
    However I have a few points of criticism. I hope you forgive my cheekiness and hopefully it will prove helpful in some way?
    As a cosmetic chemist with some practical experience in the field, I found the 6 chapters to miss ‘body’ and stay a bit ‘cerebral’ in a theoretical kind of way. I missed in depth and to-the-point information on actual problems and solutions when formulating with naturals. There were some examples on formulas and ingredients (ones that a cosmetic chemist can also receive from suppliers), but that was about it. The information given also seemed a bit generic and unstructured, maybe because every chapter repeatedly challenged the definition of ‘natural’ cosmetics and the standards.
    I found chapter 3 to be the most informative of them all, although the pace was a lot more upbeat than the other chapters imo. This chapter did however seem to be written for peers with a good knowledge of of applied organic chemistry in cosmetics. I can imagine that may be too much to be asked of someone new at cosmetic chemistry?
    I do look forward to more, this is very valuable stuff and I feel honored to read it! Thank you again!

    • Avatar
      Perry says:

      Hello Eliza – Thanks so much for your comments! I’m glad you found the primer helpful.
      I understand your critiques. The primer is meant to be an introduction to the field of Natural & Organic formulations. It is meant to give an overview of the practice of formulating natural products but not necessarily give in-depth details. In fact, providing the detail that you ask for requires a different format than a simple download to properly teach it. That is what our upcoming Formulating Naturals course is going to cover. This provides an intro to people who may want to take the class in the future.
      Certainly, one could read this and become a better formulator of natural products but this is just a first step, it is not an end. Make sense?
      Thanks again for your comments! I look forward to more in the future.

      • Avatar
        Eliza says:

        This makes perfect sense, Perry! A primer is a lovely name btw, just enough informative coating to fixate what is to come 😉 I was hoping that this was not an example of how the course/training will look, because that would be just too theoretical and vague for me. So your reply makes me happy, now I’m really intrigued 🙂 Keep up the wonderful work and thank you!

  8. Avatar
    Denyse Lavigne says:

    It was good to read it. Some of that debate I had read before but this was more systematized. Chapter 3 was too challenging for me as a beginning chemist in this field. I really got lost in it. But I gained a lot from some of the other chapters. However, most of the document was exposing the problem with those words and all those various bodies that try to give standards. On the whole, it really didn’t help someone to begin formulating with natural products….and perhaps it was not meant to do that. (Yes there was a bit of information about that, but on the whole, it exposed the problems without really presenting ideas for solutions so it left me a bit bewildered.)
    Thank you, Denyse

  9. Avatar
    Sharon says:

    I haven’t finish reading the e-book;, However, the chapters I have read was very informative I feel that this e-Book is a good tool to have as a new or experinced formulator. Thank You Mr. Perry

  10. Avatar
    Pat Tyson says:

    Perry, thank you for this ebook. I was especially intrigued by the info about the black pepper extract increasing absorption of topical nutrients. I need to look into that. Also, it makes me wonder if black pepper on our food causes better intestinal absorption of nutrients. Anyway…lots of good information, and so far all I’ve had time to do is skim the ebook. I think that most of us will have more time to reread and study after the holidays.

  11. Avatar
    Jeffrey Ehlinger says:

    Thanks for sending me the informative Allured e-book. I like to stay educated in the ebb and flow of consumer demands in the personal care industry, and I found it to be a nice primer on Natural product formulating. I immediately recognized the contributing authors Abrutyn, Steinberg & Georgalas as experts in their fields. Furthermore I really enjoyed David Steinberg’s chapter highlighting of chaotic state of the various natural products regulatory groups and all of their seals of approval. Thanks for sending it along.

  12. Avatar
    Barbara says:

    Dear Perry I found the book on natural product useful as usual.
    I appriciate it a lot, it would be perferct if there was somo information on preservation, that is the most challenge issue in my activity…

  13. Avatar
    Maggie Mahboubian says:

    The primer on natural formulation was a great idea, however, the discussions were very general and centered on the definition of natural, organic, etc. As someone who learned about formulation through research and experimentation, I was hungry for more meat and a discussion surrounding the challenges of preservation and emulsification. The writing in chapter 2 was mannered and detracted from the content. I’m not interested in the authors opinions about natural products, especially since it was clear the author did not even like natural formulations!

  14. Avatar
    Nino says:

    I really enjoy reading Formulating Naturals Cosmetic Primer and browsing your site.
    I am looking forward do the course in 2012 .

  15. Avatar
    Suzette says:

    I really enjoy reading Formulating Naturals Cosmetic Primer and browsing your site.
    Even though am not a science person it was a very good read.

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  17. Avatar
    hafez says:

    Hi Perry
    how are you
    your website is amazing and give us a great information
    my name is mohammed hafez,i live in Gaza city-Palestine,i have a bachelore degree in INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY,i startng in our kitchen then ,today i have some cosmetics products ,face creams,foot creams, hand creams,body lotions,clay masks,shampoos,conditioner,hair cream , and hair bath oil cream and antiaging cream,
    i use herbal extract and oils in my products,but i need more informations in cosmetic sciencs and especiall in herbal cosmetics science
    i really thank you AND I HOPE MORE COORPORATION

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  19. Avatar
    SASSSAMAD says:


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  21. Avatar
    josep says:

    Thanks for sharing the information with everyone
    The book is clearly written and contains information on the essential concepts in natural cosmetics.

  22. Avatar
    Natalia says:

    Thanks, Perry
    Interesting book. All the information is well systematized. Of course I would like more detailed advice. Thanks anyway

  23. Avatar
    Sevi says:

    Hi Perry,
    Thanks for enlightening me on a subject that is confusing since I am just starting this adventure. We are furtunate to have people such as yourself who like sharing their knowledge.

  24. Avatar
    nishma verma says:

    I think , it very interesting to read about the natural formulations and ingredients use especially with the examples

  25. Avatar
    Maya says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I can’t believe that the book is available in public for nothing. I’m not a chemist or someone in the cosmetic flied, just one of the consumers who is curious about what we are putting on everyday. It was definitely worthwhile reading it!

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  27. Avatar
    Jeannette says:

    Hi Perry,
    Thank you so much for sharing this free information! once again you always come through with some great goodies. Keep it coming THANK YOU. It is people like you that are willing to share such valuable information for FREE that keeps this world of knowledge spinning around.
    Thank you, Jeannette 🙂

  28. Avatar
    merlene says:

    This was a real eye opener for me. I now truly understand what the term organic means. Anyone interested in dealing with organic products should read this. Thank you.

  29. Avatar
    Jessie Desrouleaux says:

    As usual, this e book contains a wealth of information for both seasoned experts or those who are just staring out. Thank you Art, Perry, David Steinberg and all the other experts who have taken the time to gather this information for the rest of us…I for one really appreciate it.

  30. Avatar
    Favour says:

    I personally loved the part about a molecule of glycerin is still glycerin regardless of its source…
    natural, organic can mean anything
    oh and extracts such tiny amounts for flamboyant marketing
    Now I know more
    thank you

  31. Avatar
    Kim Pelletier says:

    Very informative, insightful, relevant, and thought provoking! Loved the rhetorical question, “With which definition of natural will the product conform?” Thank you, Perry, and all of the contributors, for making this book.

  32. Avatar
    Lisa-Marie Clarke says:

    I am enjoying the primer. I am not done with the book yet but it has been quite the eye opener. A great introduction to formulation. Thank you!

  33. Avatar
    Julie says:

    Wow! Very informative. Soo many ruling and governing bodies!? Thank goodness scientist are doing amazing work uncovering the goodness in our natural world but it makes me sometimes wonder if the ‘KISS’ principal is often overlooked? Many thanks for making this information available to us!

  34. Avatar
    Pratyusha Datta says:

    A informative introduction, helping me understand the intricacies of the vs. debate; and the nature of green and natural products. Thank you.

  35. Avatar
    Maja says:

    Hi, all things that i recive from you it is very helpfule, and i am so exited to learn more,thank you so much.I love natural products and wont to make some of them .

  36. Avatar
    Rah says:

    The Naturals Cosmetic Formulating primer is very informative. I like how references are added after each chapter. As someone who is just starting out this definitely very helpful.

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