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why using deionized water? why not distilled water or mineral water ? for hair products.
Does water (soft or hard water) can damages hair?


  • PharmaSpainPharmaSpain Member, PCF student
    Destilled is ok to use in cosmetics.
    Mineral water as his name says, has minerals so is not "pure" water.
    This link may help you.
  • MicroformulationMicroformulation Member, Professional Chemist
    Also, mineral content could affect the height and formation of foam in a cleansing system.
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  • Soft or hard water contains Ca and Mg salts especially in Hard water which make hair dry and harsh. Even it affects on formulation, tendency of Ca and Mg ions to form inorganic metallic salt with other ingredients which tends to lead instability of respective product. Deionistion removes such inorganic salts or reduce it to tolerable level.
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