Cosmetic science innovation inspiration – 04

I just finished reading the book Proust was a Neuroscientist.  It really was an excellent book and I encourage anyone who is interested in science and art to pick it up and read it.

The book goes through and describes some of the most interesting artists of our time and how their art was actually explaining parts of neuroscience that were eventually proven via scientific experiment.  He covers a number of artists like Proust, Walt Wittman, Gertrude Stein, Stravinsky, and more.  While I was reading, an idea occurred to me.  What if we applied the principles of some of these forms of art to cosmetics?

Scenario 4

Apply the principles of molecular gastronomy to cosmetic products.  What would a deconstructed personal care product look like?


Product type:  Skin Lotion

Take the ingredients of your skin lotion and lay them out in drop form on a small plate.  To use the product, the consumer would have to mix the ingredients prior to applying to skin.

That was just a quick run through of the exercise.  Now it’s your turn.

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