We’ve done a number of posts about becoming a more innovative cosmetic chemist. Here is a collection of all those in one convenient place.

Innovation Resources

Idea Pool – A place to find and share ideas for new products or other formulating questions.
Online Sources to Help You Become a More Innovative Chemist
Seven websites for innovation inspiration
Biomimicry and the cosmetic chemist

Innovation training

Definition of Innovation
Top 10 unsolved hair care problems
Top 10 unsolved skin care problems
What to do with your ideas
How to sell your ideas to advance your career
More ways to be an innovative cosmetic chemist
On being an innovative cosmetic chemist
A dozen ways to become a luckier cosmetic chemist

Idea Generation

SCAMPER idea generation technique
How to use the Medici effect to innovate
Questions lead to innovative ideas
Killer questions and innovation

Cosmetic Innovation Inspiration

Innovation inspiration 01
Innovation inspiration 02
Innovation inspiration 03
Innovation inspiration 04

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