Best Beauty Brands in Social Media

Most big beauty brands have been slow to adopt social media but their presence is starting to make itself known.  This article in Happi lists the winners of the second annual consumer choice awards for online beauty sites.  Since most of the readers of this website either work for a cosmetic brand or want to have their own, it is useful to review some of these sites and see what they are doing right.  And perhaps you might want to start adopting some of their techniques. online beauty brands

OPI Twitter

Twitter is a simple way to communicate with your followers in 140 character messages.  It’s incredibly helpful to include links which direct people to web pages you want them to see.  The Twitter page for OPI was the winner this year.  Here are some things notable about their page.

1. Have a graphic at the top that portrays brand image.
2. Follow / Following ratio 586 : 190,000
3. Posts about once a day
4. Posts a lot of pictures

Ulta Beauty Facebook

Facebook is the social media site that over a billion people are on.  So are a lot of beauty brands.  The winner in this category was Ulta Beauty which is a store more than a beauty brand.  Anyway, they’ve got over a million followers so they must be doing something right.  Here are a few notable features of their pages.

1. Have a header picture with a celebrity
2. Posts once or twice a day
3. Respond to at least some comments
4. Post short videos
5. Followers = 1,476,339

OPI Products on Pinterest

Are you Pinterest?  Do you even know what it is?  Well, think of it as a linking page which has lots of pictures.  People can “pin” web pages that they find interesting.  It’s very visual.  And if you find someone who pins lots of things you find interesting, you can follow them.  In OPI’s case they’ve got >45,000 people who follow them.  Pretty good but still behind their Twitter and Instagram accounts.  Here is the things interesting about their Pinterest page.

1. 59 boards of different things
2. 1419 pins
3. 45,942 followers
4. Lots of pictures of nails and celebrities

OPI Instagram

Instagram is all about pictures.  You post a picture and your followers see it and can comment on it (or like it).  Well, OPI wins this category too because they’ve got nearly 300,000 followers.  People really like pictures of nails and nail polish.  Perhaps that because nail polish is the most artistic of all cosmetics.  Each nail is like a canvas.  Anyway, here are some of the things OPI is doing to excel on their Instagram account.

1. 294,626 followers – following 235
2. Their hashtag #StayPolished
3. Post about once a day
4. Over 7000 likes on a single post

Hopefully, this list will inspire you to get started with your own social media accounts and that you’ll adopt some of these strategies.  It’s getting hard to stand out on the Internet these days.  Also, traditional advertising through Television, Radio, and magazines is being pushed aside by these social media sites.  If you’re not competing here you won’t be competing in the marketplace for too long in the future.

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