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Getting started in the Cosmetic Industry

How to Become a Cosmetic Chemist
What is a Cosmetic?
The Most Important Cosmetic Industry Trade Groups
Top 10 Reasons to Become a Cosmetic Chemist
How To Use Twitter to Find a Cosmetic Chemist Job
Most Useful Cosmetic Industry Magazines You Should be Reading

Basic Cosmetic Science

10 Science Topics for Cosmetic Chemists That Were Barely Covered in College
How do cosmetic raw materials get their names?
The basics of cosmetic science
How do skin moisturizers work?
Basic science of cosmetic preservatives
How to Quickly Read a Scientific Article

Cosmetic Formulas

List of basic cosmetic formulations

Formulating Cosmetics

The 10 Different Cosmetic Formula Types You Must Know
Using the HLB System to Create Formulas
How to Run a Knock out Experiments to Become a Great Formulator
How to Stability Test a Cosmetic Formula
The Basics of Writing a Good Lab Notebook
Why Cosmetic Chemists Should Try Every Formula they Make
How to label a cosmetic product

Becoming a Better Cosmetic Chemist

Making an effective presentation – part 1
Making an effective presentation – part 2
Making an effective presentation – part 3
Learn all you need to know about business for free
To be an innovative cosmetic chemist ask the right questions
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12 thoughts on “Articles

  1. Avatar
    Boan says:

    Hi 🙂 Im going to graduate soon in high school?. I am planning to take cosmetic science this coming school year should i take it or not? how much would be the tuition fee range in Philippines or even just the price range.? How about the salary per month? If I would take BS in pharmacy is there an advancement in the career of a cosmetic science? how about if i pursue rph to phd then cosmetic science any advancemnt?

    • Avatar
      Arnel Montero says:

      It’s only CEU who is offering BS cosmetic science in the Philippines. Cosmetic science subject has been already in the curriculum of Industrial Pharmacy in UP Manila. And a new legislation had recognized the inclusion of cosmetic science in BS Pharmacy though it is not yet official as of the present time. Cosmetic scientists in the Philippines come from different fields, pharmacy, chemistry, biochemistry and even chemical engineering.

  2. Avatar
    Brita Heitman says:

    I want to become a cosmetic chemist. We do not have this form of education in Norway. So, where in the US could I find such school? Thanks.

  3. Avatar
    Mohammad Tavakkoli Yaraki says:

    Dear Perry
    I want to access to your books as pdf files. Unfortunately, in my country(Iran) there do not existed. Could you help me to read your books?
    Best Regards,
    Mohammad Tavakkoli Yaraki
    R&D Center
    Kian Ara Zagros co.

  4. Avatar
    Nomonde says:

    Hi, I want to start my own cosmetic brand and am in South Africa, i want to start with lipgloss and lip sticks maybe nail polish as well if all be considered to be cosmetics. what is the procedure or steps that i can follow?

  5. Avatar
    neil says:

    can I make cosmetics at home at sell them on Ebay for say or my website.
    I see no where on the FDA site it says that you even have to register a cosmetic
    facility or making at home.
    Imean its not a drug,so they dont care.
    thxs neil.
    ps nice website

    • Avatar
      Perry Romanowski says:

      As long as you follow the GMP recommendations on the FDA cosmetics website, yes you could do that.

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