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You spent your days in college making it through some of the toughest courses the place had to offer like Physical Chemistry, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, and even Advanced Calculus.  And you passed them all! cosmetic business school

Clearly, you were one of the brightest students in the university.  Do you think the business world will reward you accordingly?

Sadly, it doesn’t exactly work that way at least in the cosmetic industry.  In fact, while cosmetic chemists make a relatively good salary, the big money in this industry is given to people with business degrees working in Marketing, Sales, and Market Research.  If you are like most science majors who know very little about these topics, you’ll be at a significant disadvantage.

Free Online Business Courses

But fret not!  You don’t need to take out thousands of dollars in student loans & spend the next 4 years taking evening classes.  Thanks to some generous, forward-thinking universities, you can learn all you need to know for FREE.

Here is an article that lists 12 Universities offering Free Online Business Courses.

And these are not sketchy, unknown, fly-by-night colleges.  These are top notch universities like MIT, University of California, University of Notre Dame, Carnegie Mellon University, etc.  You can get many of the same courses that students paying huge dollars are getting.  You just need some self-motivation.

So, if you want to get a leg up on your cosmetic chemistry career, send yourself through some of these business courses for free.  It may make you smarter but will definitely help you communicate with the Marketing people that are most likely running your cosmetic company.

Who knows?  It might give you just the kick you need to start your own cosmetic company.  If you’re bright enough to make it through college and earn a science degree, you’re smart enough to create & run your own successful business.

The world needs more scientist entrepreneurs.

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