The Basics of Cosmetic Chemistry

I found a couple of interesting articles that explain the absolute basic compounds used in modern day cosmetics.  Neither of these are particularly thorough, but if you want a quick understanding of the chemistry and science of cosmetics, both of these articles do a good job. female cosmetic chemist

For people just coming into this industry the following articles will be helpful background information for some of the more in-depth topics we will talk about here in the future.

For cosmetic scientists working in the cosmetic industry, you can use these to brush up on your basics and also as a way to explain the chemistry to people in your marketing department & other groups outside R&D.

1. Chemistry of cosmetics. – A piece written by the Australian Academy of Science.  Short but hits the primary raw materials and provides links to pages with some demonstrations.

2.  Cosmetic Chemistry explained – From the title Chemistry explained.  The author gives a little more information than the first reference.  Should be particularly useful for background information to share outside R&D.

Neither of these resources should be considered “high science” but if you need a quick introduction to the primary compounds used in cosmetics, they’re useful.

Do you have a favorite source for background information about cosmetic science?  Leave a comment below and let us know.

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