Article by: Perry Romanowski

This week I’m traveling to Thailand.  I’m doing a talk for the local IFSCC chapter and then another in Kuala Lumpur next week.  It’s very exciting and I love to travel to places I’ve never been before.

I’m actually in Thailand as I write this but just wanted to let you know why there might be less posting than usual.

But I did get a chance to go to one of their local malls.  What continues to amaze me whenever I travel around the world, is how much big brand names have been infused into the local culture.  I found all the top beauty names including Lancomb, L’Oreal, Khiels, Yves Saint Lourant, etc. in this local mall.  And in the local 7-Eleven, I found all the typical brand names you’d find in the US.  The primary difference is that the packaging is much smaller than you’d get in the US.




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    Thuzar Khine

    Hey Perry , why don’t you come visit myanmar , I am someone who is Interested to learn about cosmetic formulation, same as well some of the women are craving for it.

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    If you have time and love nature, travel to Phuket and James Bond island. I highly recommend it…. have fun.

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    Hi Perry,
    Welcome to Thailand and have a good time in Bangkok.
    Best regards,

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    In Malaysia be sure you’ll eat the best food of the world! There is no conflict of interest here because I’m not Malaysian at all! LOL

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      Thanks Pedro. The food was excellent in Malaysia!

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    Dear Perry,
    You have travelled to Thailand and next to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Have you any plan to visit Indonesia? ISCS (Indonesia Society of Cosmetics Scientists) is also a local Chapter of IFSCC. I happend to be the ISCS committee member. If you are interested to visit Jakarta- Indonesia, please let me know. You are most welcome.

    Best regards,
    Bahar Karim

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      Hello Bahar,

      Thanks so much for the invite. I would certainly be interested in making my way to Jakarta at some point. My recent trip to Thailand and Malaysia was organized through the IFSCC so if they ask me, I’d be happy to visit.

      Perry, 44

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