3D printing for skin products

We are in the early phases of the development of 3D printing technology but I believe it has the potential to revolutionize the cosmetics industry.  This isn’t the kind of thing that is going to lead to incremental improvements.  No this has the potential to radically alter the way people think about cosmetics. cosmetic future

Enter 3D printing of skin

3D printed skin

Printed skin has been around for awhile but the problem is that they can only do it in a single color.  This is great if your skin happens to match that color but almost no one’s does.  This new technology is being developed to better match the natural color of a person’s skin.

So how will this affect cosmetics?

Cosmetics of the future

3D printing will soon be affordable to have in your own home.  Imagine a world where you can “print” a covering for your own skin that smooths every wrinkle, removes every age spot, and makes you skin look…perfect.  Or at least as perfect as you want it to look.  I’m not saying this will happen in a year or two.  But 5 or 10 years maybe.  People may get skin treatments the way that they get their nails polished.  You print the skin, paint it on, and you look years younger.

The future looks interesting for cosmetics.

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