Article by: Perry Romanowski

In our twitter feed I was alerted to this innovative Waterless Shower product. The product is said to contain germicides, biocides, moisturizers, and bioflavonoids, which kill germs and eliminate odor.

The blogger who wrote about the waterless shower wondered why anyone would want to reduce the amount of bathing that the world does.

Well, to me this is a great product idea for a few different reasons. First, it is addressing a problem that may not be noticeable right now but will be a significant issue in the future. Water wars are coming.

Second, this product is may be unique to the market. Sure, the technology might not be anything new but the idea of creating a complete shower substitute is. If this can keep people clean enough to be socially acceptable and cut down on the use of water, it sounds like a great idea.

Here’s the inventor’s discussion of why and how he developed the product.

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What’s in it?

I’m not sure what technology is being used but he claims to have invented it by doing a Google search so it’s going to be standard technology. I just wonder why one of the bigger companies hadn’t invented this before. Perhaps they just didn’t see a market for it. And maybe it will never be more popular than something which is “good for camping”. Whenever you hear the phrase “it would be good for camping” to describe your cosmetic idea, that’s not good.



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    ann Warui

    Can I get a chemist to help me formulate develop a hair relaxer

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    You bring up a good question — why hasn’t another company thought of this before? I dont think it is they haventthought of it, but there is little motivation for them to put it on the market, even for your reasons listed (one-of-a-kind, etc). I think the consumer of this product fits a very targeted demographic and the return wouldnt be as large or as immediate as a large company would like.

    I was against this product at first, but now that I think about it, I can think of more and more situations where this product is useful.

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    Thank you for sharing, Perry!
    I am so impressed with this speaker and the angle he’s coming from: making a product that millions of people really need! Not for us the rich, white Western folks so I do agree with some of the comments to the article you refer to: it wouldn’t make sense for such a product to be sold at Tesco’s!
    As I rarely see cosmetics that would really make the world a better place, this is a huge inspiration!
    Well done, mister Marishane!!!

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