Article by: Perry Romanowski

There has been an interesting trend in the cosmetic industry where companies are launching products that are food themed.  I was reminded about it by this article was posted by one of the chemists on Twitter.

In the article they listed a bunch of strange food cosmetics including… resses lip balm

1.  Okra Conditioner
2.  French Fry Lip Balm?
3.  Fortune Cookie bath products
4.  BBQ fragrance
5.  Pizza Hut fragrance
6.  Wasabi Candles
7.  Bacon fragrance?
8.  Resse’s Lip Balm
9.  Cat food soap
10. White Castle Slider candle

Ever since I worked on the VO5 Strawberries n Cream shampoo, I’ve been a huge fan of fruit flavored shampoos.  But fortune cookie? Bacon?  and White Castle?

That’s just odd.

I wonder what other odd food / cosmetic blends marketers will come up with next.  Any ideas?



  1. Zhraa

    Where do you buy the “Reese’s Lip Balm”?

    1. Perry Romanowski

      I’m not sure. Check the Internet.

  2. Duncan

    Cinnamon and Orange Christmas foam bath, oh and a chocolate flavoured one a few years later, with real cocoa powder in it.
    Hint to formulators, always make those after lunch, or you will get very hungry very quickly

  3. Rozy

    Ketchup scented lip stick? (ugh i HATE ketchup)

  4. ak

    Fish and Chips Intimate Wash?

    1. Duncan

      Vinegar would probably make your eyes water

      1. Perry Romanowski


  5. Shannon

    Burger King did a Whopper fragrance a few years back – gross.

    I always did love the smell outside of Alberto on the days they made Strawberries & Cream shampoo. You know – I picked that fragrance!

    1. Perry Romanowski

      Yes, I liked those days too

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