What is Chemists Corner About?

Chemists Corner was started a number of years ago and my initial vision was for it to be a website for people who have degrees in chemistry and want to get a job in industry. It is primarily focused on cosmetic chemistry, but the original idea was really for different kinds of sectors of chemists in industry. That is why we didn’t call it Cosmetic Chemists Corner. I thought it could be a hub for people looking for career advice about being an industrial chemist.

We would cover career topics that weren’t discussed in college. These would be applicable to all kinds of different chemists. Then we would have a section on cosmetic chemistry which would focus on the cosmetic industry. This would have sections on formulating, equipment, companies, groups, and that sort of thing. Then there would be other industries covered like paints & coatings, food, household products, automotive, pharmaceutical, and any other industry which would hire chemists.

Of course, that would be much more than I could take on alone so I would need experts in those other areas. I never got around to finding other experts and the reality is that cosmetic chemistry has kept me so busy that I have just focused on it.

Who is the Chemists Corner audience?

Well, there are four main types of people who visit Chemists Corner.
1. Cosmetic Chemists in the industry
2. DIY home formulators
3. Entrepreneurs who want to start their own line
4. People in college who want to get into the cosmetic industry

What they get out of Chemists Corner

Each group has slightly different needs and this is my guess at what they would want from the website.

Cosmetic chemists - This is a website will make you a better, more successful cosmetic chemist. It provides continuing education, training, reviews, industry updates, and career advice. It also provides a way for you to get formulation questions solved and connect with other cosmetic chemists around the world.

DIY Home Formulators - This is a website that will provide you information you need to be able to make professional grade, functional cosmetics in a home lab. It provides you background education about cosmetic science, equipment you need, safe practices, and basic formulations

Entrepreneurs - This website will provide you information you need to create and market your own cosmetic product line. We cover product and marketing ideas, regulations, product development, consumer research, financing and other topics that an entrepreneur would need to know.

College students - This website will help you get a job in the cosmetic industry. We give career advice, educate about cosmetic science, about the industry, networking and basic information to make you an ideal candidate when looking for a cosmetic industry job.

There are types of people who would find this website helpful but they are not the main focus. These include…
Cosmetic ingredient sales people - This website will let you know the problems that cosmetic chemists face and give you a chance to provide them solutions.

Cosmetic formulating consultants - This website will help you get formulating jobs. This can be done by responding to requests on the forum or through direct emails and by allowing you to establish yourself as an expert in our cosmetic science forum.

How are we doing?

It’s difficult to create content that appeals to everyone in our audience. Home formulators have different levels of experience and backgrounds than cosmetic chemists. Since I have experience as a cosmetic chemist we probably do a better job catering to cosmetic chemists than we do to home formulators, entrepreneurs or even college students. But these groups do make up a large portion of our audience and in the future I’ll try to post things that will be more appropriate for those specific groups.

I’ve enjoyed working on Chemists Corner and while it isn’t exactly the website that I envisioned it to be it certainly has filled a need and I thank everyone for your continued support.

Perry, 44

PS. What would you like to see more of here on Chemists Corner?  Leave a comment below.

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