Useful websites for cosmetic chemists

Here is an article about 100 incredibly useful and interesting websites. I’ve pared down the list to point out the ones that would be useful for anyone in the cosmetic industry.


RetailMeNot – A place to find coupons for numerous stores.

Prosper – Need money for your business? Here is a place you can get crowdsourced loans.

Pageonce – If you have a problem keeping track of all your accounts, consolidate them with this website. It lets you keep track of everything in one spot.

Making things

HowStuffWorks – Look up any cosmetic or personal care product and you can get the basics of how it works. If we haven’t covered it here on Chemists Corner, it might be listed on HowStuffWorks.

TreeHugger– While I don’t put much faith in the scientific accuracy of this site, there is useful things you can learn about the Green consumer. If you are creating cosmetics for them, you should follow this website.

Getting stuff

Craigslist – If you are looking for something obscure (e.g. lab equipment) you might be able to find it here.

Freecycle – There could be some lab equipment here too. And if you want to get rid of something but you don’t want to throw it out, try Freecycle.


Kayak– If you are looking to travel to a cosmetic science conference, Kayak is an excellent place to arrange your travel.


Vimeo– Sure everyone knows about YouTube but Vimeo has a ton of videos and has a great collection of science videos that might be interesting for cosmetic chemists.

If you want to see the entire list go here.
100 useful websites

Do you know of some useful websites? Leave a comment below.

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