Useful phone app for cosmetic chemists

This seems like a pretty handy app for formulators. Hopefully, other raw material manufacturers will jump on this bandwagon. Floratech has created an app that allows people with smart phones to scan the QR code and get access to all kinds of information about the raw material including INCI name, product descriptions, efficacy claims, MSDS and other technical data sheets. qrcode

If you don’t know, a QR code is that little square of black and white pixels. Each one is unique and leads users to a website. You can generate your own QR code here. See if you can figure out what the QR code in this blog post is associated with.

Cosmetics of the future

Forward thinking cosmetic chemists will start devising ways how this technology could be used on thier products. For example, you could have a link to a video which shows a funny commercial for the product. Or you could have a link to some more information or some fun interactive game related to your product. The possibilities are limitless. But the time to do something is now. No one else in the marketplace is doing it. Could you get your company to be first? And you entreprenuers out there…could this help differentiate your product?

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