Top 10 Interesting Cosmetic Stories from 2014

This year we look back on some of the more interesting stories in the cosmetic industry. Thanks to cosmetics design for continuing to publish all the relevant press releases. They really are an excellent source of cosmetic news. 2014 cosmetic science

Top cosmetic science news stories of 2014

1. Will EU allergy ban radically change the fragrance industry?

This could be huge, but probably won’t be. I’m sure the French industry group will get it worked out.

2. Sunscreen bill signed in the US.

It’s about time! Now let’s see if anyone comes out with some new sunscreen actives.

3. Bioprinted skin developed for cosmetic testing.

The end of most animal testing may be right around the corner. And it could also be used in developing new cosmetic products.

4. FDA cracking down on improper cosmetic claims.

Much more than previous years, the FDA has been cracking down on companies making exaggerated claims.

5. Anti-pollution products dominate in Asia.

Anti-pollution could be the next big trend in the US in 2015

6. Gluten free increasingly important to consumers.

I knew gluten free cosmetics would be a viable marketing idea. I just felt it was unethical to pursue as there is no real need for these products. However, not everyone agrees with me and lots of people launched gluten free stuff in 2014.

7. New technology introduced to treat skin – Bacteria.

Bacteria was big in 2014. We’ll see how much of an impact it has in 2015.

8. Algae could be the basis for cosmetic raw materials in the future.

My biggest complaint about natural cosmetic raw materials is that they are taking away farm land that could be used for food. Well, algae could be the solution to this problem.

9. 3D printing technology will change the cosmetic industry.

There was some cool 3D printing for packaging and makeup this year. In the coming years it could have a big impact on the cosmetic industry.

10. Social media playing a bigger part in building beauty brands than ever before.

From Vloggers to Pinterest to Instagram, social media has had a huge influence on the growth of beuaty brands. Now if only I could figure out a way to get someone to sponsor all the work I do in social media.

Are there any stories that you think were significant in 2014? Leave a comment below.

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