Article by: Perry Romanowski

It’s not often that I see some technology that I think can have a significant impact on the cosmetic industry.  In truth, most “innovations” are simply baby step improvements in things that we could already do.  Body washes foam a little more creamy, skin moisturizers moisturize just a little bit longer, and packaging gets a little bit lighter.  Certainly, there have been some clever inventions but no significant technological changes that are consumer perceptible.

Package coating

Well, here’s an innovation in packaging that could really have a noticeable impact.  It is called Liquiglide and is a coating that can go on the inside of packaging to ensure that all of the product comes out.  Take a look at this video of it in action.

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Now, this might not seem like much but imagine if all the product would come out of your cosmetic packaging. This would save about 10% of your cost right away because this is how much extra you have to fill in your bottles to ensure you deliver the amount stated on the package. If the coating application is cost effective, then this will be a no brainer.

And this won’t just be useful for the final package. Think of all the raw materials that you buy! No longer will you have to throw away a bucket coated in Dimethicone or a pail filled with unused Petrolatum. This really could have a significant impact on the entire industry. Costs should go down & profits increase.

It seems like a win for everyone.

Now, let’s see if my prognostications hold true in the next few years.



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    I could just see all of the scare mongering campaigns that certain-parties-which-shall-not-be-named might come up with to discredit this technology if its use becomes widespread

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     Cosmetic packaging

    Hi there,

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    Deepa Sinha

    This looks amazing, finger cross some REGULATORY issue does not come in between to use this technology!!!!

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