Article by: Perry Romanowski

Today, I’m going to be speaking to a group of high school students about cosmetic chemistry and what it means to be a cosmetic chemist.  It is my goal to inspire some of these people to go into science and maybe even follow a path to becoming a cosmetic chemist.  It is a fun and interesting career which is largely unknown by college students.

The talk will cover a few topics including…

  1. What is a cosmetic
  2. What kind of jobs do cosmetic chemists do
  3. What do the ingredients do
  4. What are some cosmetic myths
  5. How to be skeptical

This is a blend of career advice / cosmetic science / and critical thinking training.

I do enjoy giving talks like these because the audiences are always very appreciative.  I remember in high school I was voted the “Best Impromptu Speaker”.   It’s still a source of pride.

In case you are curious, here is a copy of the slides I will be presenting on.

Cosmetic Science presentation



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    Who would marry this guy?

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    I read through the slides and it was loaded. There is no better ways of inspiring kids to appreciate chemistry than this.

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    Good luck on your talk! And by the way, I LOVE the picture in today’s post. Whoever took it certainly had a good eye for composition. Am I correct in assuming that the skilled, yet uncredited, photographer was appropriately compensated for your use of this copyright protected image?

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      Definitely a skilled photographer. I think the photo is creative commons

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