Episode 17: Start Your Own Cosmetics Business - Mark Fuller Interview

In this episode of the podcast we speak with Mark Fuller, the Technical Director at Microformulation Cosmetic Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping small entrepreneurs create their own cosmetic formulas. He has a degree in Pharmacy and has experience in OTC and prescription products as well as cosmetics. Our topic is How to Start your own cosmetic line.

Interview begins at 12:30


Cosmetic News

There were two future technologies that caught my eye this week. Both are skin care related and both could eventually revolutionize the way skin products work.

Nature Technology and Aldevron manufacture genetic cosmetic

In this story, the two companies announced the development of a plasmid DNA-based genetic cosmetic ingredient. The Gene Facelift plasmid uses the DNA of a growth factor that signals skin cells to make more collagen and divide faster. Apparently, this keratinocyte growth factor has been used in preclinical wound healing and has shown some skin re-growth in mouse and pig models.

According to the company, the DNA plasmid is taken into the cells where it then gets replicated and produces the growth factor. This growth factor is naturally found in human body but production declines with age. They say, the result of using the product will be increased collagen, elastin and a thicker epidermis and dermis.

They say, there is up to a tripling in skin thickness within 72 hours of a single treatment. Wow!

What wasn’t reported was how the plasmid will get put into the living skin cells. It seems you’ll have to do more than just apply it to the surface.

The other problem is that if this did work as declared it would be a drug and a little bit scary. I hope they do all the proper testing.

Strangely, they say the cosmetic products using this technology will be out before the drug products. Guess they know that the plasmid won’t actually make it through the skin barrier when delivered from a topical treatment so there isn’t much worry.

Still, this is an interesting technology and could signal skin care products of the future.

Story 2

The next story is one about a a skin gun. It’s a device that looks like a paint sprayer but instead of paint, it sprays skin cells from your own body. There is a skin gun video going around but you can read about an analysis of whether it is real here.

Basically, when people get burned, some skin stem cells are taken from their body, grown up in a culture over the course of a day, put into the skin gun and sprayed onto the damaged skin. New skin grows back with limited scarring.

The video is impressive. There hasn’t been any peer reviewed research published on it yet so I’m not certain whether it will pan out, but it does provide an interesting new way that people can rejuvenate their skin without getting cosmetic surgery.

Skin creams and lotions have really gotten to the point where they are as good as they are going to get. Short of technology like the genetic engineering, drug route. However, this spray on skin product could open a whole new avenue to aging skin treatment. If your skin looks old, you can simply spread on a layer of your own stem cells and get a whole new look.

Skin care of the future. Interesting…

8 Steps to starting your own cosmetics business

Here are the 8 steps we talk about in the podcast.
Step 1 - Set up your legal business
Step 2 - Figure out your customer
Step 3 - Create your brand
Step 4 - Write your business plan
Step 5 - Develop your product
Step 6 - Produce your cosmetic product
Step 7 - Market your cosmetic product
Step 8 - Sell your cosmetics


Mark Fuller is the Technical Director at Microformulations Cosmetic Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping small entrepreneurs create their own cosmetic formulas. He has a degree in Pharmacy and has experience in OTC and prescription products as well as cosmetics.


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