Skin Physiology for the Cosmetic Chemist

For chemists and other scientists coming out of college, one area in which you will likely be deficient in knowledge is skin biology. But if you are working on any skin care formulations, it is critical that you understand how the skin works, how compounds will affect skin, and how the skin ages.

This is why we worked with Cosmetics and Toiletries and Dr Zoe Draelos to develop a course that teaches you everything you need to know about the skin.

Skin Physiology course

Zoe Diana Draelos, MD is a board certified dermatologist with than 25 years experience. In this course she presents an exclusive look at how cosmetic scientists, when armed with the medical knowledge of how and why the skin functions and what really makes it beautiful, can also apply their cosmetic science knowledge to proper product development in order to make the best and safest products possible.

The course is presented in 8 lessons including:

  • Lesson 1: Skin Biology and Evaluation
  • Lesson 2: Skin Aging
  • Lesson 3: Acne
  • Lesson 4: Skin Disease and Skin Cancer
  • Lesson 5: Skin Care
  • Lesson 6: Cosmeceutical Ingredients
  • Lesson 7: Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures
  • Lesson 8: Skin Physiology and Topical Skin Lightening

Included in this Course:

In addition to the course lessons the course has the following benefits.

Learn whenever you want.  It is a self-paced course which can be logged on whenever you like from wherever you can get Internet access.  This makes for a flexible learning environment

To ensure you comprehend the material you learned, each lesson comes with a quiz to complete after the lesson.

Bonus material furthers your education.  With C&T’s extensive library, they provide access to additional resources within each lesson that most people can’t access.

Certificate of Completion upon successful closure of the course

You can get any cosmetic question answered and build your industry network in the online discussion forum that is exclusive to course members.

Monthly live chat discussions for Q&A with subject matter experts and your peers.

Registration for this course includes a free copy of the best-selling book by Zoe Diana Draelos, MD and Peter T. Pugliese, MD, Physiology of the Skin, Third Edition.

If you would like to register, see the Physiology of Skin course page.

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